Doll ambushes other doll with P90 in Tea Party Set-up

Discussion in 'General' started by superman144, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Got 30 seconds in. Good luck to anyone who made it further
  2. This is what happens after 1 marijuana

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    Nah.  This is what I do in my spare time.
  4. May god have pity on your soul then

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  5. haha, not gonna lie, I got a kick out of it. Its like when you watch a movie that's so terrible its entertaining. An example of a movie like that would be "monsturd". Basically, what happens is, this serial killer escapes from jail and runs and hides in the sewer. At the same time, this mad scientist is dumping a bunch of chemicals in the sewer. The killer, the chemicals and all the turds in the sewer combine and create this big killer turd thing. He kills people through their toilets when they go to the bathroom. Check it out.
  6. I can only imagine your mom crying wondering what the hell is wrong with her son.
  7. I did not laugh while watching this, but I found it very entertaining. I would watch more of these videos, if there was more. It is now time to look for videos of men playing with dolls and if course firearms.

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  8. I have no words to describe what i just saw... Smh

    Smoke weed everyday
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    Quite the hobby you have there.
    Wait, is that really your channel? I've seen your bird videos.
  10. Fucking white people...
    Shouldn't you be "protesting"?
  12. Why?

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