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  1. Poll says it all
  2. Doing vs Being
    Old Earth vs New Earth
  3. I was raised kidding myself that I had to be or do something.

    Interestingly, I don't remember ever asking for this (existence).
  4. I only stop to smell the roses when i'm not doing anything.
  5. do what you want to be doing.... how bout them apples
  6. My favorite something to do is nothing.
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    Doing nothing has just enough pull then doing something, but at the same time while doing nothing you can only learn about stuff that nothing will provide and vice versa. Word of advice, you cannot just do nothing to gain something, nothing will know that you are trying to do something, that's how you get trapped in the middle.

    This mindfuck is fucking my mind and I do mind.
  8. You can't just be, that like choosing between a cat or dog, there has to be a decision. You could say just being is not choosing either or but that is doing nothing, and doing something would be choosing between that cat or dog which is doing something.
  9. Doing nothing will not get you anywhere.

    Doing something will get you somewhere.
    Doing something will keep you from being bored.
    Doing something might change the world for better or worse.
    Doing something will get you fans

    okay, I think you guys get the point.
  10. Feels like that, and the same logic loop runs through your head until you have a click at some point during meditation where you are doing nothing and "you" dissolves, for a second or two at the least.
  11. Live and Let Live
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    I'm doing something...wait, why am I on this site then? Well, I'm supposed to be doing something, lol. :laughing: g2g.
  13. Where is there to go but to dust in the Earth? Does the liberation of your inner space matter more or what you do on the outside? If you make the connection and realize that what you want to do in the outside world is due to the way you think it will make you feel inside, you will realize that its your inner space that matters. If by doing nothing you can find the perfect inner space, why the need to do anything?
    You get bored because you think and you are not at peace with the moment. If you are truly not doing anything, then you cannot be bored - you have to think to be bored.

    What use are these fans, the only constant is you. Fans will come and go, relationships will come and go, inner space will always be there. If the inner space is liberated, what can bother you?
  14. i'm doing nothing about doing something

    or im doing something about doing nothing

    im not sure

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