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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Gunja Fairy, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. I hate the fact that they can walk on into my happy little home and search through all my belongings for a natural herb.

    I understand that coppers have to do there jobs but i say F U C K the Government.

    They act so supperior when we are all humans on this earth together
  2. got that right

    F U C K THE GOV.
  3. alright this has nothing to do with pot, but it does make you wanna say F U C K the police and whatnot.

    Yesterday me and my friend got pulled over for speeding, like 6 or 7 over, and he asked my friend to open his trunk, and then proceded to stick a screwdrive in his two 12'' subs, it was really really gay.
  4. he broke the guys subbs???????????????????

  5. Make sure you exercise your rights and refuse to consent to a search. Also make sure that there is an attorney present at the time of the search. Many arrests are made because people are afraid to stand up to the police. It's your right, exercise it.
  6. Me as a Pot Smoker has no rights.

    Me being a fake good little good girl gets me far. But its not really me.

    This is a fake country (AUSTRALIA) with shit rules.
  7. There everywhere we just go pulled over for speeding cop found our pipe my friend gave up her qurter and a few more pieces they took em said nothing
  8. yeh, i'm from orstrayleea as well and i totally agree with ya ganja fairy!......THE SYSTEM IS FUKED!!! but i also agree wit wat indianatoker sez (Edited by Indy to correct post) but alls i wave to say is move to nimbin! (hippie country of aus!) :)
  9. lol in america make sure you know your rights....They cannot search your car, or you without asking.....and you can simply say "no"....They actually have to arrest you for something in order to search you or your car....And they can not step one FOOT in your house if you say no...

  10. Head over to to read about your rights.

    Edit: I just realized that you don't live in the states. Perhaps it's different in Australia? I don't really know.
  11. If there is nothing illegal in plain sight (or smell) of the front door there is no way an officer can enter your home unless you let him.
    On the other hand if he does go in and search even without probable cause, if he finds anything he is in the clear.
    The best thing you can do is let the police officer know what you know. Tell him that if he doesn't find anything it is an illegal search since he has no probable cause. Tell him you have nothing and if he will be preforming an illegal search.

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