Doing water curing on part of harvest

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  1. This is my first year to grow but am fascinated by water curing the buds instead on conventional methods. So I set about 4 ounces aside to water cure. I have 2 ounces in two quart jars and filled them with water and used a plastic cup to hold them down in the water. I am changing the water every 12 hours with RO water. I will update as the process goes on.

    I know many will say why in the hell would you do this? My reasons are
    1. Sometimes I want to smoke and can’t because of odor this gets rid of most of it
    2. Have friends who want to smoke but never have want to give them a smooth smoke
    3. It’s more intense quicker because the buds are more concentrated.
    4. It’s different.

    I’ll keep track here if it works or if it’s a total failure. I have 6-8 more days of soaking, then I’m going to use a salad spinner to get most of the eater out, then screen with a fan for 1-2 days. I’ll smoke some then but the rest will go into a cure jar to see what that does.

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  2. I do 25% of my annual crop in water cure, after much discussion with my clients
    I go the 4 day soak changing the water every lunchtime
    I've found if you want trics at the end of all this, many do,
    use only tepid water, hence the fish tank heater thing is very handy

    I like the drying just hang em like sox, and collect tin the morning
    many horrid strains can be used up with this method,
    but for me I use whatever's handy

    colors not much, I use a wire trash bin and soak in a bucket

    any longer than 4 days for me the weed just rots down to ....compost

    good luck
  3. The darker is what came out after two days. The lighter is at 4 days. Will be drying it tomorrow. Bud is shown from the light water.

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  4. I have 5 gallons of ro sealed at 70 degrees so room temperature for the water changes. Excited to smoke this!
  5. Took out my first batch, did a salad spinner to get 90% of the water out, then paper towel and in front of a fan. Should be dry in 24-48 will try it then. Right now has almost no smell.

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