Doing things that make you feel stupid

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  1. Im listening to music on my phone and I wanted to turn it up but I was actually turning up my brightness....what kind of things have you done that made you feel retarded?
  2. If that was the worst thing I've done that I feel stupid about, I'd be doing pretty good :laughing:
    Abused too many drugs and got hooked, got married to the wrong person, drove drunk as hell, jumped into fights with somebody tougher, or with a friend to back them up, helping family members who refuse to help themselves, brushing off things that I knew deep down were wrong, not being there for one of my best friends when I still had the chance to, ignoring small health problems until they became big health problems, buying a Chevy Lumina, I could go on and on....
  3. I'm also with cereal, driving drunk is stupid and i've done that. Ended up getting in a serious accident.
  4. Same, except I wasn't driving, that time anyway. I know people can be a little preachy about drunk driving, myself included, but for real, not doing it in the first place is so much better of an option than to do it and have to be painfully convinced to stop doing it. Take the warnings, people!
    I'm surprised I got away with doing it as much as I did. Especially since I got pulled over while fairly buzzed when I was fifteen, and managed to drive off with a warning. Wasn't enough to drive the point into my young, dumb brain.
  5. One time I was so bamboozled i went to light a ciggert and started lighting it and wondering why it wouldn't hold a lite i turned it around to only realize i was burning the filter and it tasted like shit and i felt really dumb

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  6. I bought regular Bugles instead of the nacho cheese ones. What a waste of three bucks.
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    I was pretty high and I had to call someone and I was inputting their number into my passcode for my phone. I kept repeating this for about 3 times. I really felt I was a fucking idiot. Maybe I am.
  8. I am a 55 year old man on a teenage-20 something forum posting shit everyday. Yeah I feel retarded.
  9. Once got confused, and peed into the refridgerator in the kitchen instead of the toilet in the bathroom. I was a real little kid, so they tell me, and that was long ago.
  10. I'm 51, if I remember right. I know exactly how you feel man.
  11. Thanks for the compassion bro!
    *hugs goud and starts crying*
    you crack me up brotha.  I'm not quite as old as you old farts but I am older than the average age around here I suspect.  I kind of understand as well.
  13. you're the coolest guy ever in my book haha not many "older" people would do that so it's a nice change
  14. I did the same thing actually
  15. Woke up the next morning after drinking and found my jeans neatly folded in the food pantry...

    Happy toking!

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