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Doing the right thing..........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. I have pissed a few good people off here at the city..

    I have thought seriously about what these people have told me. I have my beliefs and maybe there aren't worth any thing to the people here.

    I had a person who I truely respect to lay things out to me. I have given alot of thought to what that person said and feel that with the respect I have for that prson that I must take a long look at myself and being here at the city..

    I wish there was an easy way to solve this problem, but un fortunatly I think only one way will work..

    I have high respect for the blades and bladies of the city. I guess all things (good and bad) have and ending..

    I am making some request of some members and feel that I may have to make some changes..

    To the people here that know me, Know that I'll do anything for the best of the city..

    I will let you all know in a couple of days what the decission I make will be..

    Keep on smoking and toking..

    I love ya'll.......
  2. regardless of anything said by anyone, leaving should not be an option for you...regardless of anything said by anyone, this place would not be what it is today without you, without all the blades we get one shitty yard....i personnally dont want a shitty yard.
  3. lemme put it this way Bh...
    if you leave because of one person, that'll be the end of the city...
    I doubt many ppl will stay with you gone m8!
    I for one just wouldnt feel right without u here...!

    So to do the best for the city, is to stay and keep the vibe alive!
  4. yeah BH. if you pissed people off, make it right. if there's certain things you and other blades just can't seem to see eye to eye on, just agree to disagree. it's going to take change on both parts... but like ^^ they ^^ said. if leaving is one of your options, it shouldn't be. it won't be the same without you here. and besides... what would you be proving by leaving? that you're a quitter? i know i don't know ya all that well, but you don't seem to be much of a quitter. stick it out... things will get better.
  5. you are a good man Budhead...The City needs you.
  7. Now Bud can not leave this city.....,when I first came here, you were one of the ones that made it feel like such a good place to stay!!!!!!! I love ya and if you go to leave, know this...........I will hunt you down (us southern girls in wv know all about tracking!!!!!) and then beat you with my leather whip until you are in total submission to me!!!!!! LOL

    But help make this city a home for all of us that keep returning!!!!! I love ya and I'm sending you all the good karma I can spare!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. You already know how I feel about this Bud Head so I'm moving to the next topic....Flowerchild and The Case of My Missing Whip!!!

    Well, well, stole my whip, didn't you, Flowerchild????I knew it was missing but I had no idea you stole it during one of our sessions. Shame...I want it back!!!!
  9. Now, I thought you said we could share!!!!!! Or was that just what you said in the heat of the moment!!!!!! Lots of things can be uttered during those orgasmic periods!!!! LOL

    WHIP, SMACK, WHIP, WHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Did I say that??? LOL!!! I guess I'll share...hell, we're both southern girls so why not? ;)

    :::cracking the whip:::
  11. know just how to whip me with just enough force to get me all hot and bothered. HARDER, HARDER, HARDER
  12. See how much your loved, dude. We went and turned this into a sex thread for ya!!!!

    :::CRACK::: Ohhhhh, that one left a mark!!! ;)
  13. BH...please don't go.

  14. OUCH...............that was just a lil too much for me hun!!!!!!! You must be's been awhile for me. I have even been neglected church.

    And I always thought sex and Bud Head went together like oreos and milk!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Dude the only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself if you just give up and leave how can you ever grow or learn to be a stronger person?

    Stay dude!

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  16. OK ladies turn over that whip!!!!! You know that subject changers are subject to a whoooping from a TN leg hound!!
  17. lol, the tn leg hound strikes again :D

    hey flowerchild... i used to live in WV (in martinsburg). you ever been to those parts?
  18. i have bruises from sexual biting.

    flowerchild makes me think of this.

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