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doing the "right" thing?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasperTheTokerGhost, May 5, 2016.

  1. so theres this guy hes a douche in my class (now for all u mods trying to hunt down under 18 users. yes im fucking 19 and a senior in highschool. Shit happens.) and forgot his wallet. Keep in mind my area is loaded. Apparently this douche stole 3 grand from his parents and bragged about it in the past.

    So he called me and asked if he had left his wallet in the classroom. I found it and gave it to him. Hes in my group project. While walking to give it to him he had like $200+ straight up in cash. $200 wouldnt kill him. Im not saying i need money but it would have been nice to cash in $200+...

    I woulda put it towards a rig or wax. The good in me is like you did what you needed to do. But then i think dam would have been so nice to cash it in. Literally would have been so goddam easy. Like literally no one woulda found out. I wouldn't even be posting this if i had taken it. Im like half mad half content. Lol. I really wanna see what you guys would have done.

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  2. At the end of the day, stealing from someone you don't think deserves the item, is still stealing. For the rest of your life you're going to be dealing with people who have things that you don't believe they deserve. That's just your judgment, not reality. Because in reality, nobody really deserves anything. That's an odd concept.
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  3. Yes, become a thief and a lowlife just like him, it's a fantastic life path!

    Also, is there really a need for this:

    Quite a shitty attitude....sure you aren't closer to 11?
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  4. Pro tip:
    Every time Op states that they're above 18 means that they're actually underage.
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  5. Well actually ive been accused 4 times just because im senior in highschool... after 4 times i just state it from now on because its something im tired of being blamed of when its not my fault i had a personal issue that made me finish highschool late. Even mods have personally pm'd me. so... "protip" dont assume something before you know the full story

    and either way someone sees class and automatically things highschooler... so it would have been questioned by some mod again i bet

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  6. You could go donate that money to a spay and neuter clinic or something along those lines.
  7. Ok Billy.
  8. Stealing 200$ from somebody for your own self-interest no matter how they got it just cause you have the power over them isn't the right thing to do, it's a snarky thing to do.
    It's what Sadistic people do to try to approve themselves(Oh he was a bad guy anyway), a sin is a sin it doesn't the wrongfulness doesn't change through exchange. SOMEONE worked for that money and you deprived them of it's purpose.
    How would you feel, this is one of the things children fail to appreciate the work it takes to build something up, they only know how to take advantage of the end result but not the means it took to get there. It's one of the problems with this generation, they got everything as a handout.
    morally is this correct: Of course not.
    But you'll think what you want in the end, and we can't change that. IT"S a shame if you"re going to be snarky without using for a better purpose than self_interest< you could be a robin hood but instead you just stay snarky>
  9. when i think about it, I wonder if i would have any guilt or negative feelings about it i had taken it. Sorta glad i gave it back, good karma over $200. i have huge plans this summer and maybe if i took the money it would fuck it all up or something. Never will know but don't really wish to risk this summers "trip" plans ;)

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  10. Keep in mind Karma is a bitchhhhh
  11. exactly dont mess with karma haha

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  12. is there even a question of what you shoulda done fool?...
  13. No stealing. That's a pretty basic, easy to remember rule. If you go around deciding who does and doesn't deserve what they've got based on what little you know about them, well, who are you to decide? We all like free stuff, but there's a difference between free and stolen.
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  14. no i just wanted to see what people would say. im suprized no one was like fuck that kid take the money or anything like that. These kids at my school are like that, literally. they will say you should have taken it. But they never think about consequences lol.

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  15. You did the right thing when someone might not deserve kudos for that. Smoke yourself a fatty.

    Even though that kid might have deserved that its just best to let karma play itself out.

    I've done something similar in the past and regret it now..i feel/hope like karma caught up with me already and I can move foward in a positive way.
  16. i didnt say either way ;)
  17. #18 TheDankBank, May 6, 2016
    Last edited: May 6, 2016
    My buddy stole $20 from somone an asked me to carry it so he dont get in trouble.

    One year later I repaid that somone $32 because I felt guilty. Like that $20 could have been all he had for the week.

    I wanted to double the money but hey I was in hs and broke, so it was all I could do haha. I explained why I gave them the cash. They seemed pretty happy about the extra cash.
  18. Entitlement tax for the self-interest. Sounds like capitalism to me. Very America of you.
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