Doing shrooms tonight, open me!

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  1. Alright so I am doing shrooms for the first time tonight ever. I have never done anything else besides weed, so I am sort of scared. How much should I take and what will happen to me, with tripping n all...

    Need some stories/experiences.

    thx :smoking:
  2. do acid instead
  3. just make sure ur in a good mood when u take them otherwise it can go down hill qwickley but its not as bad as people make out lol :) good luck
  4. Do between 2 - 3.5 grams.
    No more, no less (Less than 2 grams does not get you very high).

    It takes roughly 30-50 minutes for mushrooms to digest and fully kick in.
    Expect GIGANTIC pupils.
    Everything is going to look more intense and beautiful.
    You'll think things you've never thought of before and question/analyze your life.

    Expect not being able to concentrate on any one thing for too long before it starts to..distort ("Breathing Walls", "Dancing Words", etc.)
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    I did them for the first time this past week also! Make sure:
    1) you are in a good mood
    2) you are around people who hope you have a good time (no pranksters)
    3) you have a nice quiet place to chill and learn about yourself and how beautiful very common items are

    Thats all.

    oh yea, I did 4 g's my first trip and it was perfect.
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    1 piece of advice

    in the immortal words of Doug Adam's Hitchhikers guide, Remember..

  7. Ha, doing shrooms is an out of this world experience.
  8. just dont eat a quarter of shrooms for your first time like i did...
  9. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: a Trilogy in Five Parts.... my favourite book ever....
  10. Don't be worried man. You'll love it if you're in a comfortable setting. Be with a friend or two and make sure they know to reassure you if things are going bad. You might feel like "Oh my god...will I ever be normal again?" but don't. Tell yourself that no matter what, it will end eventually.

    If you want to read mine, here you go.

    My 1st Mushroom Trip:


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