Doing Shrooms Alone?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jimi001, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I've never done shrooms because I could never get them but I ordered stuff to start growing, I recently moved and I don't really know anyone who I'd want to trip with so would it be straight if I just did them by myself? I think I can handle it, but I really have no idea. I've done acid a couple of times.
  2. = most fun youll ever have by yourself.
  3. Eh, I'd be careful. Trip- proof your house/apartment/box/wherever you are.

    Hope things work out good for the growing! I would ask around. Talk to different stoners/ people who look it. Bring it up casually man.
  4. LOLOL trip proof!!!

    i hid this stuffed animal my ex gave me, i thought it may scare me if i was tripping one time.
  5. hahaha that's funny, yeah i ordered those bag things I was talking about in a different thread now I just need to order the spores from that one website you told me about
  6. Meh, Not a big fan of the myco bags. Get on aim Jimi!
  7. I don't even have it anymore I need to reinstall it sometime but i'm too lazy right now haha, but I ordered two bags for $30 which i thought was pretty cheap the only reason i want them is because they're so simple and it's easier to not contaminate them.
  8. I've tripped like 3-4 times alone; its all good if you just take your time, dont start off with too much, and get some good music or games or even thoughts ready.

    Contrary to rumors, you're not that likely to go fucking insane while on shrooms, unless you're dosing huge.
  9. Haha I came close to it with only 1.75g for my first time. But I think I just have a weak mind :(
  10. just munch an 8th, and hang out around the house, make no plans through the whole day, until your trip is well ended, and your feelin alright...tripping at night, and during the day, two different things completely...

    be careful, make sure everything is soft and non-threatening...shrooms are different than acid too, you get a whole different feeling inside, and i feel shrooms are a much better trip...

    tripping alone can be great, however, be careful, eating more than an 8th on your first trip can pretty hard...also chew them for a really long time, and suck the juices...for like 30 minutes chew...i like the taste of em, however most people think they are disgusting...OJ is also your friend...slam it down

    ive eaten my fair share of shrooms...and probably his fair share, and her fair share, and their fair share...shit ive eaten alot of shrooms...:eek:
  11. I personally wouldn't do it. I've heard about bad trips. from what I have heard from reliable sources is that whne you shroom you want to have someone sober there too to keep you under control.
  12. From experience with tripping with friends and tripping alone... it doesn't matter, shrooms are shrooms. It's going to be fun if you tell yourself it's going to be fun.

    I tripped alone for the first time and it was an awesome experience. Just take it easy your first time (1.5g) and you'll be alright. And go outside... you might come to that decision during your trip, but tripping in nature is much better than tripping in the same environment you live in and see every single day... that's, to me, when people force themselves into hallucinations and visuals, rather than appreciating the beauty around them and having mind-expanding thoughts.

    Shrooms are one of the least intense psychedelics when used in moderation... but of course, if level 5 is your goal, they will help you reach it. After my first trip (alone,) my thoughts were, "Not as intense as expected; much more euphoric."

    I highly recomend shrooms... alone or with a group. First time or fiftieth.
  13. Yep I agree. id like to just note 1 thing.

    when i trip alone, most of them time, the experiences tend to be much more of a learning experience.. you tend to learn a lot more about yourself and your mind.. they are also religious experiences for me.

    when tripping with others it tends to be more fun. but sometimes you can feel uncomfortable trippin with/ around other people.

    overall I prefer tripping by myself.

    I dont like Mycobags either.
  14. Yeah I tripped shrooms by myself about a month ago or so and it was intense. A whole lot of fun, and with no friends to distract you, your visuals will just grow and grow the longer you watch them. Prepare for it to be more intense than most shroom trips, I ate about two grams and tripped as hard or harder than when I ate an 1/8 with my friends. Good times though, have fun and be safe.
  15. My first time was alone. an 8th.

    Definitly true about the most fun ever.
  16. What's wrong with the bags? I'm only going to use them to get a better idea of how to grow and not contaminate them
  17. you will know if your gonna die about an hour after eating the shrooms hahahahahahahahahahahahah
  18. Dude, not a very smart idea.
    It's my policy never to do any drug for the first time alone.
    Have a sitter present at all times.
    Just my two cents.
  19. It aint that bad I done it once by myself it was me and my homie but he had to leave and it wuss my first time on shrooms but it wasnt as bad as it was gonna be..happy shroomin
  20. Using a shortcut method isnt going to help you learn how to grow.

    I honestly dont know much about them, but ive never heard good things, just buy some pint or quart sized jars and then stop by the post office and get Tyvek envelopes.

    hell the post office will even deliver up to 500 tyvek envelopes to your door. for FREE.

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