Doing drugs with parents?

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  1. My parents are pretty cool when it comes to most things, but not drugs. Both my parents are fully against drugs. When I was 16, my mother threatened to send me to some hardcore rehab because she found a minuscule amount of weed in my room. So, doing any drugs with my parents is a no-go..

    I've had three good girl friends who do drugs with their mothers. Two do cocaine with their mothers, one smokes weed with her mother. I don't mean anything by it, but it's interesting to me that all their mothers are divorced and single, and each have a very volatile, but extremely close relationship with their mother.

    Because I've never had the experience, and likely never will, I'm very interested to hear if any of you have done drugs with your parents, particularly psychedelics.

    Some questions: :D

    How did you feel when you saw your parent/s on drugs for the first time? Or did you always just kind of know they did whatever drug?

    Where is the line drawn? Can someone who smokes weed with their parent/s judge someone who does, say, heroin with their parent/s?

    Are you open with your parent/s with all drugs you do/have done?

    Does the rest of your immediate family know that you do drugs together?

    Has it made you closer, or strained your relationship?

    Sorry for all the questions, you don't have to answer all of them and you can share whatever other info you want

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    i've smoked weed with my dad and mom, dropped acid in Canada with them also. were well off so they just enjoy it I guess, but's kinda weird at first but it grows on ya :smoke:
  3. Ive smoked weed with my daddio. Its a bit weird at first then you get use to it.
  4. I grew up in a very, very religious Jewish household, but my parents had a pretty liberal view concerning marijuana (as do a bunch of Jews). In my teenage years I would smoke a bit with my dad and study the Torah. Those memories are very close to my heart.

    My parents are aware of all the drugs I have done, and are actually really supportive of my ayahuasca and other psychedelic use because of the reasons I use those substances. When my mom passed away in December she had written me a letter in Hebrew, and one of the things she said was "I know the methods you use to search for God are safe. I want you to continue that search." That brought me a lot of peace.
  5. When my son was 21, I had to bail him out of jail (he got in a fight). He was pretty upset over the fight and was ranting all the way to his apartment. I kept telling him to cool off before he does something else stupid.

    He went to his bedroom, came out with his pack of cigarettes and pulled one out, lit it, and put it inthe ashtray on his coffee table...then he pulled out a fat joint and lit it, then passed it over to me...we had NEVER toked together nor discussed it...

    Well since he had the balls to do this as an adult in his own home, I sat back and toked with him, and discussed his troubles with the police...was caught off guard honestly, and was torn for a moment to be pissed or proud...I went with proud.:D

    We get along great, and he will talk to me about things his mother (my ex) would freak on (she is sort of a hypocrite)
  6. Sorry about your mum passing away... Man, that's awesome that you have such an open relationship with the 'rents

    Hmmm.. Maybe I'll consider doing this when I move into my own place:smoke:

  7. Haha awesome story. But nah my parents are very anti-drug, so that dream will never come, but if my children are 18 and I found out they toke, I would be one proud sonofabitch and light up a fat one for all of them.
  8. I toke with my parents whenever they come visit me, but I draw the line at weed. Because as Fat Mike of NoFX said, "Cause doing drugs with parents is just wrong"
  9. First time I got stoned was with my mom, step-dad, and brother. I still smoke with my mom and step-dad regularly. I've done 2c-b with my mom once and she really enjoyed it, so I'll probably dose up with her on something else in the future. My dad and mom were total hippies in the day, but my step-dad was and is just a stoner.
  10. I always new my dad smoked and I've asked him to smoke before and he never accepted. Over Christmas we were talking about drug laws and he showed me a bowl and I showed him mine and we went out and burned. He's real about nature and organic stuff - refused to light the bowl with lighter only matches. Wasn't awkward or anything though.
  11. ive smoked with my mom

    but not with my dad

    both my parents are very liberal about marijuana use; my dad feels its wrong to smoke with me, and my mom doesnt really care. ( i think my dad feels like he is to blame for my pot use and doesnt want to encourage it)

    but HARD DRUGS with the 'rents????

    thats just wrong

    Like i see bein trashed (drunk) with your parents about as cool as "zooted" on some coke with them (both fuck u up bad and really only make problems worse).... i guess im tryin to say that bein straight FUCKED UP with your rents isnt good, and if your relationship with them is a "drug friend relationship" than this just makes things toxic

    its a fine line; but i think its cool between me and my mom because marijuana really isnt much of a hard drug, especially compared to the lexapro and klonopin i eat each night (prescribed and legal to me :/
  12. i smoke with my dad, its a good relationship but it is a little interesting... I think i would look down of people who do harder drugs with their parents just because, thats moreso harmful to a relationship id assume. Im not honest with him abuot any other drug use, but hes never asked, and i never said anything about it.
  13. Haha, I fucking wish; my rents are hardcore anti-druggies. Got busted toking in my sophomore year of high school and they flipped shit. God forbid if they ever find out about my experience with psychedelics.
  14. Never done drugs with them, but I'm always high around them and they always know.

    It could be fun.
  15. My dad was (and still is) totally against pot. My mom doesnt like be but she leaves me alone, and my step dad doesnt care. But as far as i know they dont smoke, it would be awesome to smoke with them though!

    When i was 14 i went to rehab and one of the counselors there said he started doing meth with his mom at age 13.

    Crazy Shit :smoking:
  16. I've drank with my pops before, I don't see anything wrong with that. I'd smoke with my parents if they were into it. My pops claims to have tried smoking once, got nothing out of it, and never did it again. My mom, on the other had has claimed to never smoke before. I've eatin' opiates with my pops also. Well, I did not eat them in front of him, but he knows about my opiate use, and has enabled me (by giving me opiates) if I get them for him. I feel bad about my opiate use, I know he's addicted to opiates, and I'm on my way, but I can't say no to free pills. I generally always avoid helping him get them because I know it's not cool at all. But once in a blue moon I'll get him a few and he'll return the favor.
    I would do acid with my parents, it would be an amazing bonding experience, but only if they were ready for such a thing.
  17. damn ^acid with ur parents. i wouldnt do that even if they begged me. my parents were very anti drug and then my dad found a jar of dank and i talked him out of flushing it. ever since then hes been real cool. i smoke in front of him. my mom on the otherhand, i cant bring weed to her house because she goes insane over any drugs. i would love to smoke with them though.
  18. Im wondering if anyone on grasscity has done shrooms, lsd, cocanie, or some kind of physcadelic drug with their parents.
  19. I know a guy in real life who has done shrooms with his parents, weird kid.
  20. It would be the ultimate bonding experience. My parents would have a new found respect for shit they take for granted, namely each other.. Like I said, it would only be if they were ready to experience one of the most beautiful substances in the world. I know it'll never happen, but if it did, I honestly think their marriage, and our household as a whole would be a much better place. Just my 2 cents.

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