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doing battle with a stomach virus

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. this sucks... haven't gotten one of these things in a couple years. my youngest sister got it the day before yesterday, then my other sister got it lastnight, and now i got it today.

    i could use some get well karma... 'cause this thinng's kickin my ass.
  2. dang glad i didnt pull up a beanbag chair and sit with'ya for awhile. we all had it at sucks.
    try to take it easy for a while.
    feel better soon-thats an order
  3. as much get well karma as i can afford coming at you, so no body else get sick.
  4. We had it around here sometime around christmas. I'm glad it's gone.

    Cottons get well soon. If ya don't, us stoners may have to come up there and kick it out of ya! LOL
  5. Awwww....poor Cottons! I hope you start feeling better, dude. I'm sending you some of that get-well karma so you should be good as new soon.
  6. i had that over christmas man it sucks ass. on new years eve at twelve i was puking and not cause i was drunk
  7. Just smoke some fuckin bud an feel better..
  8. thanks for all the karma blades and bladies... i'm feeling a lot better today. still sick enough to miss work though, lol. thank God the worst part of this one only lasted a day.
  9. this virus has been hitting hard all over the place... half the people at my church have it, or are just getting over it as well.
  10. sry to hear your not feeling to hot. sendin as much get well karma as i can!!!!! get well cottons!
  11. Now if only you could find something to finally cure those cottons :D

    ~*::GOOD KARMA::*~

    hope that helps
  12. Hope ur better soon!
    Smoke away the sickness ;D
  13. thanks again for all the karma... i'm feelin' a lot better. i can actually eat solid food again, lol. ::does happy he can stuff his face again dance::

    i'd love to smoke away the sickness... but i can't smoke (UT's and all). :( oh well, lol.

    thanks again for the 'get well soons'

    much appreciated :)
  14. It's to late to send any major karma now. Sending big karma would be over kill... so in an attempt to aid the clean up operation of said pathogens I send a small peace and karma keeping force in the form of....

    good karma to ya cottons...

  15. LOL, much thanks switch :)

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