Doing Acid Today Couple Questions

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  1. Alright so instead of doing salvia we decided to put our money into something that lasts longer. We were going to do shrooms but no one has any this time of year I guess. 4 People are going to be each doing 1 hit of acid, will that be enough to actually do much? I have yet to do a physcodelic so this will be mine and 1 other of the 4's first time with a physcodelic. Anything we should do to prepare? Any essantials to bring?

    Like I said I have never done it so I am a bit anxious on what all is gonig to happen. I am not sure if it's just me but I think if I am seeing shit that really isn't there I might freak out. Unless the acid calms you down so you enjoy it? We will all just be sitting in a basement with TV couch ect. How long usually does the effect last? We are doing it at 12:00 Noon, what time should I expect myself ready to drive, I am willing to stay there until I know I can rather than try and kill myself driving.
  2. Dude, go find the thread in here called "LSD mind tricks". I've already explained this shit to someone else.
  3. what would be real fun is if you have the light spectrum glasses. the ones that allow you to see all the different colors in light and cuts it up into different colors so you can see different spectrums. good shit :)
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    well for one it depends on how "strong" of a mind you have. acid opens up your subconscience and close your conscience. your hella more suseptable to outside beliefs and ideas. two, i was peaking and convinced my mom i didnt smoke weed, little did she know i was trippin balls and talking to the microwave, so it all depends on your capability to chill out and trip balls and open up your subconscience along with your conscience at the same time so you can function in public. finally, if your doing it at noon it'll take 45min-1hour for it to fully desolve, put it under your tongue!!! if you put it on top it'll fry your taste buds!!!!. then after that it'll take like a half an hour to fourty five minutes for it to start and then after that its a six hour ride up and a six hour ride back down. my advice find a chill spot in nature and start blazing some bowls. AND make sure there's atleast one person not trippin balls with you:smoking:

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