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Doing a Volcano but You're not a Noob

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by EmoSteve, May 22, 2010.

  1. Okay. I'm really embarrassed. I was smoking with two buddys yesterday. I for some reason did a volcano on the bowl. I'm not a noob or anything. Been toking since the end of 2006. Like WTF. Has this happened to any of you, and you're not a noob?
  2. WTF did u do??? blow the weed out of the bowl?

    No I've never done that....while smoking with other people....haha i've done it on a solo toke tho
  3. lol why would you be embarassed, i'm not a noob and i actually sneezed while i was rollin a jay, putting all the grinded herb right on the carpet, i just laughed.
  4. It happens, just embarrasing:eek::smoke:
  5. Shouldn't be embarrassing if your with good friends. I was smoking with my buddies once outta my sherlock, i blew the cashed bud out and my friends thought it was a brand new bowl pack so he threw my pipe on the ground and broke it "You blow my weed, i blow your pipe" ... Now thats fucked up
  6. Nah it's all good yo, one time this kid i don't really like invited himself to my house, ate all my food, smoked all my weed then in the end broke my bong. He said sorry but i was like naaaah brah it's all good :D
    I'm just fuckin I punched him in the face as hard as he could cuz he didn't say sorry :p
  7. Anyone who is a seasoned toker has spilled a bag, volcanoed a bowl or bong, sneezed while rolling a joint, or any number of a dozen other accidents at least once. Shit happens.
  8. I sneezed into my ashtray once. I think that was the worst :(

    It took me so long to clean out my keyboard.
  9. yeah man it happens....first time i saw it was in the days when i'd buy a g at a time. took a gram to a tournament and a guy on my team blew a whole bowl out of a chillum... i fucking hate chillums as this was the first time i'd hit one.
    ive spilled ground weed out of the bag more than once...there is a table monster at my house that knocks me and my buddies' plates of food, piles/bags of weed, beers and anytihng else onto the ground.
    we seriously need an exorcist or something

  10. what an asshole! i'm sure he didnt realize though
  11. The only thing that makes me volcano is from laughing uncontrollably from a friend or my brother, always after a good deal of smoking. Not a big deal though
  12. Ive sneezed into the grinder a few times and spilled ground weed on the floor before too. My grinder grinds weed to dust size so theres no chance in picking it back up :(

  13. If my friend did that I would beat the shit out of him.
  14. I've smoked a bowl only to look down 30 seconds later and realize half of it is laying on my shirt. I know I smoke a lot, but damn!
  15. Man i did that once, i saw the ash tray and you know when you blow the end of a joint just to like flick the ash off. I did that over an ash tray and I was so blazed at the time, i didn't put Ash and tray together, blowing ash all in my fucking eyes. hurt like a bitch. Needless to say I never did it again :hello::smoking:
  16. Worse I did was drop a joint underneath my deck, :(.

  17. He bought me a new bowl. so it was all good
  18. it happens to everyone. if youve been smoking for four years
    honestly im surprised thats the first time that it happened to you
    ive done much worse, spilling bags onto carpets etc. it's cool

  19. hahah i do that all the time laying in bed smoking with the lights off
    ill be like done with my bowl and ill feel around on my stomach
    and find like another half of a bowl that fell out while i was smoking
  20. Even so fuck that guy. He's willing to break someones personal piece because he thought you wasted a whopping bowlful of weed? Really? I would have broken his fucking nose that night.

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