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Discussion in 'General' started by filterfed, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. New the the forum, but long time lurker, anyway - having some issues with a paper Im doing. I requires that I have the basic (or detailed) hierarchy of how a drug gets from its homesource, to my location. - Id like to start as low as possible, and then work all the way up to the head honcho, the more valid the ladder the better the chance Ive got of getting actual research done for this paper before I go back to my daily routine ;)

    I planned on starting even more basic than 'dealer' by having novice, but Im not quite sure if thats a valid pivot point in the chain... so if any of you could provide some assistance on this, Id be greatful.



  2. sounds fishy...
  3. I don't think he's asking for specific details. If he was then that would be fishy.
  4. Nothing is fishy, just trying to get a report done for school. Pardon my being vague but Im not familiar with the rules of the forum and wasnt sure how specific I could get without getting in any trouble.

    *sarcasm* pm me if you want the essay topic too... :)


  5. .... marijuana goes from the seed, to the dirt, to a plant, and to a dead plant, then it's in my hands, then my pipe, then my lungs, then the air...

    for me anyways. some people mainly buy
  6. Usually its like this:

    Grower--->Big time dealer--->Smaller dealer--->To you and your friends.

    Unless its shipped over from somewhere else, in which case you would have a couple more people between the grower and you.

  7. hence high prices in some places
  8. Normally Marijuana is recieved by the general population by 2 ways

    1.Home Grower/local grower
    Grower -> Large Dealer -> *Small Dealer -> To you or me

    2.Maissive Growers those who are making millions ex. terrorist
    Growers Overseas -> Transporter -> Drug Lord -> Large dealers -> *Small dealers

    *Sometimes there can be more middle men/small dealers, up to 5 or more.

    But remeber this isn't always true. Some Grow/deal there own weed. But those ways described up there are the main way drugs are trafficed. As said before weed goes through alot of middle men before you may get your hands on it. Weed cost nothing to grow so everything is pretty much profit. So that bag of dank your buying for $50 was at one time or another sold for $20
  9. Thank you very much, thats all I needed. I had thought that there were more in-between men but the teacher said that all I needed was a basic ladder anyway. So thanks, I appreciate the comments

  10. It goes something like this...

    Osama bin laden sells it to al quida,

    then al quida sells it to a big dealer/ terrorist, then they sell it to you.

    Thats right, your dealer is a terrorist. ALWAYS... Even Unoits dealer... of seeds.
    Everyone who sells Marihuana is a terrorist.

    Heroin though, now thats ok. take as much as you like, cause that dont support terrorism AT ALL!

    And keep buying oil from the middle east, cause they def. aint fighting with oil money....

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