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  1. So I posted a thread on here a while ago that asked if I should quit smoking in order to get in shape. Well a lot of you said you don't need to quit smoking to get in shape. You are all right.

    I am now doing that P90x thing with a couple of my fraternity brothers and I smoke after every session. I guess smoking increases your metabolism so its like I am losing extra weight while working out.

    I love the fact that working out can go side by side with smoking pot just so long as you control the munchies and just have a fucking great time.

    GC community you have been amazing.

  2. It all comes down to self control. Good job.
  3. Thanks man, any extra shit helps.
  4. Good job man. Cannabis can really work in with any fitness schedule, as long as you use it responsibly.

    I run cross country, and I run everyday at least an hour. I also work out at the gym everyday. I do all of this while vaporizing multiple times throughout the day. Smoking works as well, I just haven't been as tempted since I got my vaporizer. But keep going with the workout plan, and you'll get a big confidence boost!

    Stay real man,
    GlitterPaws ;)
  5. Great Job!! I started P90X about a week ago and that shit is boss. U can definitely smoke bud and still get in shape.
  6. man fuck that fancy shit with a P and X in it... go outside and do yard work for hours on end
  7. Congrats bro! Weed did the same thing for me in the past 2 years or so. It's great once you learn how to make it a healthy habit. Even better, exercising keeps your tolerance level low.
  8. Now THAT'S honest hard work. I love doing some yard work, just hate the bugs.
  9. Yeah that P90x shit is intense. Most intense workout I have done in a while.

    Confidence is key too. Working makes you happier too along with that confidence. Shit I don't know why I didn't start it earlier haha. And smoking on top of it is just fucking awesome.
  10. today is my 2nd day of p90x, all i gotta say is OMFG its the hardest workout ive ever done!
  11. Your lungs aren't going to be in top shape. If you are concerned about your health and well-being, consider switching to vaporization and leaving combustion behind.
  12. yeah, i have been thinking about going to a vape. my friend has one that i smoke out of every now and then, but i only have a bowl and a piece so thats what i'm using now.

    p90x is fucking awesome, best thing i have ever done. just wait til you get to the yoga man, that shit is intense.
  13. Good work, nobody has to stop smoking weed to get in shape man. Its all about your dedication, id smoke and then work out sometimes. Those p90x videos are hard. But I'm a fat guy so....
  14. So....that p90 shit works? i might have to get it and get aboard the fitness train......
  15. Yeah, I saw the commercial and couldn't tell if it's a gimmick. Must be good though, from what I hear.
  16. Did p90x again tonight. Fucking best workout ever. Everyone is my house is doing it now. We are up to 14 guys, and they are all addicted. Once you do it once you will be hooked.

    Everyone on GC work out!! It makes you feel a ton better, and a lot happier.

    Going to pick up some kron now though.

    Gotta jet.

  17. P90x is no joke ha ha their sweatin balls your sweatin balls. Its nonstop exercises one after another.
  18. what sorta equipment would you need?
  19. All I can say about this P90x is that I did know quite a few people that were very into this in Iraq. They did go to the gym on top of it, or most of them but regardless it did seem like it was working. Never have heard anything but the fact that it burns like hell.

    I've done all the yoga aspects of it just through working out with people and it's good stuff not sure about the rest from experience though.
  20. i think its around $150 if you buy it online. or if your us, you just pirate it all haha.

    you need dumbbells, a yoga mat, towel, water, pull up bar or bands of some sort, a chair, and willing to sweat and work out a fucking ton.

    just finished it tonight and did pylometrics. hardest fucking stuff ever.

    i recommend it like a mofo.

    if you would excuse me i am going to smoke a bowl of kron now. :smoke::wave:

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