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  1. This started as a joke! My buddy throws a few seeds in a few pots and they start sprouting after three days, so he freaked out and bought a bunch of stuff, he is a real perfectionist, and is hoping this works. It would be a shame if they were to die. Any suggestions?

    He has:
    4, 40 watt "Gro-Lux" flours @ 1200 lumens
    1, 120 watt "Spot-Gro" @ ? Lumens

    Total of: 280 watts, and 4800-5500 Lumens (kind of low)

    2' X 2' X 4' Space

    Good size fan and humidifier

    Miracle-Gro 15-30-15 (Need higher N, only 15%, but this had the highest iron content 0.15%) feed every other day after two weeks of veg.

    Light timer, just switched from 24/7 to 18/6

    Avg temp is 78-85

    Avg Humidity is 55%-65%

    He's been growing since Oct 16th, and it's Oct 21st in the pictures. He'd like to know if he's on the right track for his first time, and is open to suggestions.

    Pictures Available

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  2. A little closer
    The top number is the time
    Next down is the temperature at the sensor (On the green cone behind the plants) Next down is the humidity.

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  3. Doin okay?

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  4. This Humidifier must be from the 70's but it works!

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  5. You may wanna build another 1 or 2 of those boxes for the amount of seeds there...the one on the right looks as if it's got about 8 in really want 1 seed per 1 pot that size, but since they've sprouted it seems a waste to have to get rid of them.....15 in total is too many for that size of space i for the lights, keep them on 24/7 for a faster veg state, the light may also be better if it surrounds the plants instead of just at the back of them, like in the for the ferts, i'd use something weaker to start off with and only after approx 21 days....congrats on a good looking first set-up....very professional in style....for flowering it would be better for something like 20-50-20 like you said....try to keep the temp to below that 85....70-80's ideal....i'm sorry if this seems like i'm getting at you, i just realised that after reading it....i wasn't.....hope the advice is good for you....maybe one of the other blades can back me up on the info.....or adapt it better.....Peace out...Sid
  6. ps try to get more light...on the top would help....perhaps suspended from the lid....Peace out...Sid
  7. He's got a "spot grow" lamp in the first picture, 120 Watts, about 18"-24" above the plants. Any closer and it gets a little hot, Should that be good enough? Besides getting a HPS light? Thanks Sid! Any more suggestions? Anyone?
  8. they look good to me

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