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doin my first wake n bake tmro

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by highon, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. my mom is going to be out of the house tmro and so i can finally do a wake n bake, looking forward to it., the only reason i did this thread is because im hoigh now and it sounded fun
  2. I wake n bake every day.

    Have fun.
  3. Great way to start your day man!
  4. Its an excellent way to start your day. Unles you have more bud to keep it going though, I wouldn't do it. I hate wake and baking then being sober later during the day, always a shitty feeling.

  5. haha ya i got enough weed to last me a long time
    and yes i do want a cookie!
  6. Ahhh enjoy!
  7. can i come over and chill ill bring brownies
  8. lol I wake and baked myself right back to sleep today because I had more bud. :smoking:
  9. I love to wake and bake...i do it every day, shit im stoned right now.. i just made a 3 foot bong!!:smoking:
  10. A nap fixes that :)
  11. more weed fixes it better.
  12. Wake n Bakes are cool but I always end up getting burned out because i want to keep smoking through out the day.
  13. Fuck ya! brownies sound really good!
  14. im about to re-do my self from the wake n bake....about time to smoke the rejuvination bowl hahahahaha
  15. Wake n Bake = awesome. Be sure to bust out some good music that sets you up for the day.

    My choice -> Passion Pit

    Greatest crap to listen to after you wake up
  16. Great feeling. Line up a good break fast after.

    I like to blaze, take a shower(amazing), eat a nice breakfast and watch sport center.

    I'm telling you bro plan it out, and good luck :smoke:
  17. Your probley going to want to smoke again after u shower seeing as eating and showering are two things that bring ur high down faster

  18. Hahaha you want a cookie?! Thats cool
  19. have fun and make sure you dont wake n bake with shwag, itll leave you feeling like shit the rest of the day
  20. I love wake n bake, me and my friends used to do it all the time before school. we would meet up at the park thats in front of our school and smoke joints. we would then go to class baked and smoke again at lunch... yeah, wake and bake is great!

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