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  1. As some of you may know, one of my boys that I grew up with was drafted in the MLB draft last year. He has since been playing for Seattle's tripple A team, but was called up in early September. He has just been DH so far (hes a catcher) and didn't do much his first couple games, but then hit a homer with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game which they ended up going on to win in the 10th.

    Fast forward 2 days

    2 outs, bottom of the ninth, man on 2nd, game tied 4-4, Clem steps to the plate and pisses on one to straight center for his first walk off home run in the majors.

    This guy broke Mark McGuire's HR record at USC and holds the national high school HR record, so hopefully he can keep his game up and turn into a premiere player in the league.

    Player page:

    First HR story:

    Walk off HR story:
  2. That's awesome Bro! Hope he continues his streak, and doesn't hit a slump for awhile.
  3. damn thats some tight shit, proved that he can play well and clutch in high pressure situations.
  4. FREAKIN' gangsta!!
  5. Right on, my buddy got drafted with the cubs. Soo tight.
  6. Cubs are my team, has he been called up yet?
  7. that's how you earn a contract in the bigs!

    gotta love good stories! hope he continues doing well brah!

  8. That walk-off homer was deep! I gotta keep an eye out for a back up catcher for next year's draft

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