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    alright, in my town ( i'm a 19 year old senior in high school, early birthday) all the kids who are obnoxious, rude or generally disliked by everyone, constantly complain that our town sucks, everyone else in it is an asshole, and that every other place is better. I was just wondering if kids in other towns do this shit? it's ridiculously annoying, theres plenty of mad chill people in my town, and its a really nice place to live, so i'm just wondering if this is a local phenomenon or widespread.:smoke:
  2. I love my hood.

    It's like an enormous town.

    I do long to explore other lands tho, it gets monotonous here.

  3. same dude, i don't know how people can hate their hometown.
  4. my old town sucked fat dick, not shit to do ever and if you look like a teen, you'll get pulled over for doin nothing

    live in a shitty hometown and you'll know how people can hate their hometown
  5. In my town all the rich kids hate it and all the middle-income/poor kids love it. (including me)

    We can't stand the rich kids, so once they fuck off we'll all be happy :smoke:
  6. Meh, can't complain. For every douche, there is a friendly face. Just look around.
  7. I love my town, but it seems like I am the only one.

    People always complain how its too small and theres nothing to do but you know what? Thats how I love it.

    If theres nothing to do, then FUCKING FIND SOMETHING. I mean come on, just because something isnt labeled "Do this shit here", doesnt mean you cant do anything there. Anything outside can be fun as hell, specially with some weed/beer and a truck..

    Everyone says stuff like "man, if you went to a big city you would see how shitty and small this place is".

    If I lived in a city where I couldnt find woods, fields etc. I would put a damn bullet in my skull. I cant stand being somewhere where I can only see buildings and no trees.

    The saddest thing in the world to me is seeing a tree surrounded by cement..pointless.

    I just dont understand the appeal of being inside all the time, then going outside and seeing nothing but man made shit.
  8. I like living in a small town. I can drive around and smoke and not worry about cops cuz thers only like 5 of them
  9. Yeah its pretty common. They have that saying "where ever you go there you are".

    I have a friend who was joking about that the other day. He left to go to Hawaii and all the kids sittin on the beach smoking weed were complaining about how boring it is there. Sitting on your surf board smoking weed in Hawaii is a dream to most people.
  10. You're not from Iowa, are you? Sounds like my whole state! haha

    Yeah, everyone complains about how it sucks. But I loved my had good vibes, even if there was nothing to do. I spent a lot of time exploring and riding my bike, even when I got older.

    Oooh I miss you.
  11. Yea when I was in hs everyone here said the same shit. But the town I lived in was overun with dickhead cops and spoiled rich kids. So yah, I moved outta there pretty quick. I live in a verrry small town now and I love it. No cops, not a lot of drama. Plus I live out in the backwoods so we can do whatever the hell we want!

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