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  1. I think i may of over fertilized my plants which are 10 days into flowering. Some of the leaves have turned brittle and have a brown / yellow mottle on them.
    Should i flush them thru with clean water? They are in soil in pts and i dont want to 'overwater' them as well.
    Could anyone give me some advice?

  2. maybe the lighting system??????
  3. Hello,

    By chance do you have any photos you could give as a reference?... and what is your fert regimen? are you positive you have overfertilized? or perhaps you actually have a deficiency, perhaps nitro?

    just a few questions that might help toward an answer.

    Take care, hope its nothing serious.
  4. Thanks for the interest!

    The lighting is provided by a 250w hps, so i think that should be ok.
    The ferts i am using i bought from a gardening centre, its dissolvable in water and is 15-15-30 (nitrogen-phophurous pentoxide-potassium oxide.)
    Does that make any sense?
    The plants look great with loads of pre-flowers, it's just the leaves. Sorry, I havent got any pics yet, i'm working on it

  5. everything sounds like it will be ok, sounds like you have sufficient lighting also, but switch to a low nitrogen high phosphorus fertilizer like shultz 10-60-10 or somehting close (if your going organic, I cant advise a brand).

    While In the flowering stage, leaves will change color and may even fall off as the plant is using all of its energy to produce for its great and wonderful master, but you need to be supplying your plants with more phosphorus as well as taking other conditions into consideration.....hope this helps

    take care.


    if you pictures make sure to post em alright?

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