Dogs or cats?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Nan254, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. IMG_0487.JPG I love my dog and I taught her how to do laundry.
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    dogs for life
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  3. I fucking love cats dude. Cats all the way!
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  4. i was babysitting that dog for two weeks, american pitbull terrier. nicest dog i ever been around, he hated being alone basically he would foĺow me all around i would smoke a fat bowl and that dog would cuddle with me all night lol

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  5. For me my dogcat is perfect, my cat acts like a dog. He likes to ride in the car and run errands, he loves to be brushed, he likes someone to eat with him or at least be in the room when he eats, he goes on little walks with us. He's pretty awesome!
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    Great Dog
    The Best
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  8. Dogs. By far.
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  9. cats never lie. if cat doesnt like u - u wont miss that shit. if cat loves u its the most inspiring wonder of domestic animals. dogs r loyal but to feeder only. besides, i think cats have some mysterious stuff in behavior. Cat has come while im typing yhis. came and z staring at me like "dont let urself shit on me, u, my only master". Cats see and feel through dimensions. I think cats nine lives is a ability to be present in nine dimensions simultaneously
    There had been three dogs in my family while i was rising up. Now, my OWN family consists of me and my cat. and my girlfriend.
  10. Dogs 100%, nothing like the loyalty and unconditional love a dog gives you.
  11. but it is unfair! mr. Kevin motherfucka Smith ))) u should receive from a pet what you give

    i know sm cases, where the owner is a silly bitch, but doggy z still loyal lover. Doggy has to eat retard and no serving.
  12. I love the 2 cats my mom owns, one of them's been around since I was like 14, but when I buy my own pet it will be a dog. They're more work but they are a lot more useful than cats lol
  13. [​IMG] I just love animals in general. Rescued this little lad 2 years ago and am so glad that he is in my life

  14. Dogs for me.

    Cats are OK as long as they belong to someone else.
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