Dogs are really mans best friend.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenTheGiant, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. So i was sitting here getting ready to fall asleep and my familys little chihuahua wouldnt stop barking. I goto see whats wrong and i hear a faint sound like someone was hissing. Turns out after i blazed and made a giant breakfast for dinner im talking pancakes, eggs, sausage and french fries, i left the pilot light on. That shit was straight out of lassie. Do any of you guys have stories about your dogs saving your life or just being funny and chill.
  2. my dog doesnt do anything except sleep all day. wish it was happier to see me when i get home :(
  3. Too tired to think of a specific time, but for the record, I would wipe out the entire human race for my dog.
  4. My pups bark at every god damn moving thing that goes by, can get quite annoying at times really. But I must say there is nothing better than to come home and see how excited they are to see you, and to be able to talk in the childish voice you only use with your dogs to get them riled up.
  5. Nothing lassie status
    But my dog sure does know how to pick up
    on how I'm feeling and will act appropriately
    to whatever mood I'm in.
    If i'm having a bad day she'll come and give me
    puppy dog eyes and be really playful.
    I love my dog.
  6. Fuck.....the cat I have just chills all the damn time. I don't know what is worse, my cat or a bunch of fish.

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