Dog Supercropped my Autoflower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by lsdsjflsf, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, so I woke up this morning and realized my big@ss dog decided I wasn't growing properly and he didn't do his research on supercropping autoflowers. He decided to do it for me, breaking the main cola over (and many other branches) when I'm a few weeks away from harvest :mad:

    Anyways, just wondering what you guys do to deter your animals from messing with the plants. He's only recently showed an interest in them, I'm assuming b/c of the smell. I read a deterrent for animals is to spray the plants with things that stink to them--like vinegar--but I know your not supposed to spray anything on flowering plants for the most part..Anybody else have this problem and any ideas besides chaining him up to stop him from bothering the plants..
  2. Damn dog!! My little Pomeranian ate a nugg one timiand got high as fuck! Hope he doesn't sneak into my grow room!!

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  3. Sorry to hear about your plant. My current dog isn't into herb at all. He actually dislikes it I think. My last dog, an Akita, would come up and sit right in front of you when you lit up wanting you to share. She loved the stuff.

    I would use a tent to grow in inside, or maybe give her a room to herself? Outside I use t posts and deer fencing to keep critters away.

    And yeah, vineger is a bad idea. The ph of it will burn the crap out of your plants if you spray them.
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  4. LoL that probably was hilarious to witness..
  5. Thanks for the info about the vinegar, I almost thought about it but my subconscious was telling me No..That same plant has gone thru 'HELL' and honestly I can't believe its still standing. I wish I knew exactly what strain it was b/c its gone through heat stress, light stress, high humidity, low humidity, several broken branches, bug problems, powdery mildew, underwatering a couple times, excessive wind and rain and it still looks good. I think the plant would've produced about 50lbs had I'd grown it properly without all the issues LoL. It literally was still recovering from the main cola being bent 2weeks before from my canopy collapsing in on it..Assuming it makes it the last 2 weeks without catching fire I'm gonna cure that plant for a year before I smoke it..I think I'm gonna just create my own strain from it and call it Magical Mary...
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  6. Sounds like it would be a winner. I just ordered some autos and will be trying them next, but I think the ones I got are on the smaller side.

    Did you manage to get the stem taped up?
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  7. I just zip-tied it up, again, to a garden stake. Look at the bottom right of the picture and you can see the red zip tie from the previous break and bend that recently healed still on LoL. I have no idea how this plant has made it.

    What kind of autos did you get? I've got some Nlights, amnesia, blueberry, jack herer, white widow and diesel.

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  8. Ah, I see it there. She seems resilient for sure.
    Those are some nice choices. I love the stuff like amnesia and herer. My favorite smoke is c99 so that herer is right up my alley. Can't go wrong with haze either (think that's amnesia?)
    I picked up a 5 pack of Mephisto sour crinkle and gold glue from this last lumi sale. I hope to start the sour crinkle on the 10th of next month. Going to be trying 4 in 4 of the single pot 3.9 gal autopots.
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  9. Nice. I've heard nothing but good things about Mephisto so far.

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