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Discussion in 'General' started by Hali Hostility, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. HOLY hell. There are way to many dogs in my house right now. My doobie boy is the only cooperative one!!!!!
    I've got him, the old man "Bandit" the poodle "sisi" my puppy "fatty" and im dogsitting this rednose pit named CHAOS and he's like..around 8 or 9 months i think? maybe a year? But OHHHHHHHHHHH my gosh. His name suits him perfect. '

    I know pitts are fuckin crazy, but this guy is like....WHOA.
    He goes outside like he's supposed to THANK FUCKING HEAVEN.
    BUT HES SOOOO FUCKING DOPEY he just doesn't hold any commands in his brain for longer than like 5 seconds! If i feed the dogs i have to separate him because I have to yell SO loud just to get his attention to keep him from rushing the other dogs food! And he humps EVERYTHINGGG!!!!
    he doesn't even have to be ON anything.. He just smells a girl and starts humping the damn air! I have scratches all over my legs and arms from all the dogs jumping on my bed, trying to go after chaos for coming over to me and then they all get riled up and bandit tries to bite him and then sisi starts non stop barking, then fatty starts attacking chaos and its just a never ending damn cycle.
    uiybsahudfhcfksdj:( It wouldn't be so bad if they were just PLAYING. but they actually just get ll territorial and mean against him, doobies the only one that will just chill out and watch and NOT add to my insanity.<33

    Hes so crazy that he aggravates little tiny hyper playful puppies! Theres this batch of pups at my boyfriends house, and the only boy "Ryley" Tries to beat up chaos. Its so frikken funny, i'll be petting ryley, then chaos will come and jump on me or something and then ryley, whos not even a foot long yet just attacks the shit outta chaos. Not like rough puppy playing, its full on like a dog fight except its only this little tiny puppy against this big huge puppy, thank god chaos isn't the ornery kinda pitt... HE just kinda licks him and then tries to jump on me again.

    Sorry for my rant:[ sometimes i feel like GC is my worldwide friend or something and i feel it like...necessary to rant.:confused:..
  2. Haha I'm watching a friends dog. It's at his house though so I don't have to deal with a pit at my pad lol

    Badass dog though.

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