Dog ripped out True Blueberry plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by smokingpope, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. (If persisted upon ill try to find a way to post pics, but i am an experience grower and articulate so i hope perhaps text is enough in this scenario. I am paranoid about posting picture online. Thank you for reading long text, it helps very much.)
    As stated about a week and a half ago, my dog ripped out my plant, which has about 6 nodes so far. Assumably because I gave the plant organic nutes which was stinky and she tried to get to the smell in the dirt. I looked down and saw the plant, perfectly intact, only thing missing was the cup sized roots she has accumulated over the time she has spent growing.

    She showed signs of being able to still produce roots though, and I got to the scene in question right after it happend, so I was able to place her back into the pot with little to know leaf damage within the following days. The only thing that seemed to happen was the lower two fan leaves edges got singed. (the singing happend over night. It's possible it was infact due to the nute feeding earlier the day but as it was a light feed and all other plants were fine, plus the fact that her roots got ripped out that same day, i dont think its nutes)

    So here's where my question comes into play. I know my plant is going to have stunted growth for a bit due to this, but is there anything that I can do to help the recovery of this plant? Is there anything I should look for that would be a problem for it (that would lead to further injury or death), or is the fact that she's still alive and green (with the exception of a light yellowing on the fan leaves that got singed over the night, I'm trying to fix that with light nute feeds every couple days) a good enough sign to know that everything is a okay?
  2. Also how long can I expect growth to be stunted. No droopyness or anything. Other than the slight singe on two leaves the night of, then the slight yellowing of said leaves over the course of the following week and stunted growth, there has been no signs of problems. Please let me know, I know i may say to much but I really want to articulate the situation so pictures are irrelevant.

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