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dog proof containers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FrankDaTank89, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. #1 FrankDaTank89, Aug 12, 2008
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    so I was talking to a friend a while back, and he told me one of his friends worked at a dog daycare place and they used to store their weed in smell proof containers they got from the vet that where used so the dogs couldn't smell the food.

    this sounds like such a simple solution to all the problems that people have, so why have I not heard anything about it? Does it not work for weed. It seems like a simple enough idea, thoughts on this anyone? Does it work, or does anybody know?

    check this..
  2. Well, you could always vacuum seal your weed and put it in a mason jar instead. :smoke:
  3. does that work, either way, why have i never heard of these ideas before really? like people are always trying to sneak stuff by dogs and basically all I hear here on the forums, is "don't do it, no possible way, they will smell it."
  4. I would really like to know more about these dog proof containers. Does your buddy know what brand they are (Is there any symbol on the container)? Are they big or small? does a regular pet store carry them? Either way you still have to make sure no residue gets on the outside of the container, and thats quite a chore.
  5. Well, getting it through the airport is a whole different story because not only do you have to worry about the K-9's, but the x-rays as well. The vacuum-mason jar technique works quite well, but you have to be sure that no debris from your bud gets on the outside of the seal, or anywhere on the mason jar. I haven't really seen dogs around the international airport around here, but the K-9's are normally kept around to sniff out bombs, not always narcotics.
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    ahh, i see, its teh residue. so if you cleaned it off with bleach or something after closing it, then you would be fine?

    and not really sure about anything else on the dog proof containers, let me try and figure out some more info and ill get back to you guys on this.

    edit: alright, i edited the original post with something i just found while searching the internet, its not a vacuum sealed bag but a vacuum sealed container (seems like like a container would be a lot more trust worthy than a plastic bag when it comes to leaking smell.)
  7. Id talk to your friend again. Vacuum seal and mason jar with often changed rubber gloves will work though.
  8. Ya, that will work.
  9. Smell proof to what humans? lol theres no way it hides it from dogs
  10. ya...but eventually smell leakes out.
  11. i used and own them, they are airtight and super awesome. defenitly a good buy. no smell till you oprn
  12. Dog proof container = anus.

    They'll just think the dog is "saying hello" :D :D

  13. They sell these at headshops and they're no better than a mason jar.

    You can't really "dog-proof" a container, unless you were to spray deer pharmones or something elsewhere to distract a K-9's attention.

    Besides that, you better pray that dog has a cold that day you get searched. ;)

  14. they dont sell anus's at the head shop
  15. if the container is sealed receintly then your good. but res on the outside will get you. dont mess with dogs, or the feds. play it safe. keep it at home, locked up and secret. dont travel with bud. the less you have it on you the less you are at risk and the name of the game is risk. everyone likes to be high, likes to smoke where ever. RISK it and burn in public places, chancing getting caught, but smoking at home is the way to go. the minute you step out your house intoxicated period your risking freedom and money for the chance to burn in harms way... if your taking herb into a situation that there is K9s, think long and hard if the risk is worth it

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