Dog people can be so violent!

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Corrie&3R, May 15, 2018.

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    I disagree.

    I'd rather take vehicle damage, than kill an organism I consider complex enough.

    Cats and dogs are brake-material in my book.
    Weird that you're callous about this.
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  2. I'd stop for a dog but not a cat lol

    Do you think cats are gods or something??? Because they're not lol
  3. No, I think he just said they were an organism he would brake for. I am pretty sure he would brake for you too, regardless of how ungodly.
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  4. Cats are not superior lol you have more chance of convincing me Lil Mayo gonna come down in a spaceship & get lit with me then that cats are superior

  5. My bad he think cats are superior to humans..
  6. I assumed he was kidding with that.
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  7. Seems like they're into cats a lil too much to me..
  8. Thank you for understanding my obvious intent.
    Not sure why Brews failed in understanding the rudimentary nature thereof.

    Whenever you do get it, randomBREWSuser, kitties will be there to assuage your life, semi-bro
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  9. im not a violent person but i got violent dogs.....4 american bulldogs....

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