Dog people can be so violent!

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  1. Well I think your dog just wanted you to pay attention to him. Just saying. I *like* dogs, and I would NEVER say anything bad against a dog or want to see harm caused to a dog. Which is not my experience when people don't like cats. I've heard everything from "ugh I hate cats. I run them over with my car" to "my dog eats cats" - like what kind of sadistic fuck says something like that? All I have EVER said was "I like dogs, I just don't want one. I like to pet OTHER people's dogs" - which is true. I don't have the time or the attention span required in dog ownership. I like my space.
  2. Hi
    Glade you like dogs,,
    Not willing to get into some of drama, no one is forcing a dog on you .
    I fully understand why someone wouldn't want a dog or any kind of pet.
    I have respect for those who make that choice .
    Normally its not good for the pet because the owner doesn't have the heart into the relationship.
    My dog is like a child to me,, he is a family member and treated as such .

    My dog travels everywhere with me , sometimes its not easy on him because he is old ,,, 13 ..
    His hips are getting weak and slick floors hurt him .
    Yes I have him on meds for his hips …

    My dog is a very loyal friend..

    I know other people feel the same for their pets , I am glade for them ,
    If you like dogs but don't wish to own one that's fine .
    Its seems like a honest response .

    I hope I am wrong but your words seem to have allot of anger in them .

    I hope the best for you.
    Good luck

  3. Anger because some people kill animals and would like to see animals tortured. I would hope that would make you angry as well. ‍♀️
  4. Yes that would make me angry, but what can anyone do about if it doesn't happen in front of them.
    Those wrongs fall on the shoulders of the people hurting animals and normally that shit catches up with them some way or another.

    The world has more problems then I could even conceive .
    We cant control other people action or thoughts and we cant let those people actions or thoughts destroy our life's.
    You cant force morals upon a unmoral person.
  5. No. I never implied forcing morals upon anyone nor did I imply that I wasn’t aware that other people can’t be controlled, but I am allowed to express myself.
  6. And express myself without strangers on the internet accusing me of hating dogs because they didn’t read the thread :biggrin:
  7. I don't hate cats...but I love wild birds and neighbor cats are continually hanging around my yard seeking to kill.
    That said...I HAVE seen the bumper sticker and laughed...

    "Cat--the other white meat"
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  8. Personally I disagree with you.. I noticed the anger or hate behind your words from the title of this thread .
    Hatred is judging no mater how you justify your hatred ,.
    You seem like you have a axe to grind ,,,
    What makes you any different then the people who you hate?

    Hate is nothing but ugly ….

    If you wish to improve this world start off with self examining yourself .
    Get your own house in order first.

    Education or knowledge without wisdom is worthless .
  9. Lol you can disagree but only a person who hates can decipher hate from something else. If I never claimed to hate, how can you determine hatred? I think you're just claiming this because you don't want to be wrong. How can I spell this out for you in terms you will understand? I am not full of hate, I do not have, any hate you claim to have noticed, you are wrong. If you have anything else to say after that, please by all means, state facts and not feelings. ~ and once again - READ THE THREAD.
  10. Good for you ,,, good by
  11. Bye weirdo lol
  12. Right .
    Try growing up
  13. You just verbally harassed me and accused me of all sorts of things that weren't true. How about you try growing up.
  14. Time to drop it and get the thread back on track, please.
  15. Done. Thank you.
  16. Cats, of course, are superior to humans.

    Humans realize this subconsciously and some of them hate cats for it.

  17. @Praetorian why disagree with me?? That's the law here do a Google search if you don't believe me.

  18. No I hate cats because my neighbor is a crazy bitch & has 8 or 9 of them now & the smell gets into my house because she's a lazy cunt & doesn't clean up after them
  19. As the previous poster correctly said. You should want to stop.

    I prefer cats, but of course I'd brake for a dog.
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  20. Lol I'd rather mow down a cat then swerve & hit a tree or oncoming vehicle + if you suddenly slam you brakes on for a damn cat someone could rear end you & total your car... It sounds evil but I'd rather hit an animal that costs £20 then stop & damage my car lol
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