Dog people can be so violent!

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  1. Really ? Ive heard it so many times, even by my bosses and people you'd expect not to say such awful things. Like, why would you run anything over with your car on purpose? And then exclaim about it in conversation! Sort of sick.
  2. Her helping me water my plants >.<

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    I like both would not hurt dogs or cats! We have a dog and 2 cats at our house.

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  4. When I was a kid local wolfs would take kill and eat the local children

    my neighbors daughter was one

    later as an adult I hunt wolfs with glee and abandonment

    not because of that horrid episode

    but because of the local bounty paid by the farmers

    but it don't mean I won't keep a wolf as a pet a dog for that matter

    good luck
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  5. This was amazing and thank you
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  6. lets try another perspective, maybe its the kind of people you associate yourself with???
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  7. Lol my only friend is my husband anddddd he likes cats too :p
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  8. Lol we have a blue nose named Monty and 2 cats are called Deja and Lucian

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  9. I wish my wife would let me get a cat. she says the dogs will go crazy lol
  10. Awe :( my husband is all of the cats' favorite, they don't even give me a second look. They love him so much lol
  11. maybe time for another one? one that will love YOU lol
  12. People are sheep. They are brought up with parents that hate cats so they grow up hating cats. And the mean bit... it's just the climate we are in. Let's out-mean each other. I don't have a lot of hope for people who spout negativity.
  13. Sure your opinion isn't bias ?
    You sound like you hate dogs and their owners

    Just as people not every dog nor cat is the same .
  14. Try tying a live mouse around your neck … the cat will be all over you ..
  15. My name is Monty!
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  16. Lol why yes, how ever did you figure me out?
  17. My dog told me .
  18. nice photo. 'e looks cool
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  19. Thanks ,,, I have fun doing photography , its one of my passions .
    My dog goes everywhere with me .
    And he is a good looking beast at that .

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