Dog peed on my stash!!! Lol

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NetG, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. First off...I can't stop laughing!

    I saw my male dog sniffing my bag of synthetic and I was like...oh crap he's trippin'

    BUT ONE OF MY 3 BIG DOGS PEED ON IT....LOL....good thing I've already :smoke: cause this is some of the funniest shit I've ever had happen to me :D OMG

    Luckily the bag was sealed to I rinsed it off and no harm no foul...course...can't really say I wouldn't...gotta TRY right? :eek:
  2. hide your weed or train your dogs hahahhaa
  3. maybe he knew synthetics are total shit and he wanted to save you from smoking such rubbish. mans best friend!
  4. My friends cat used to eat his weed all the time
  5. How'd he pee on it? What you doing keeping your weed on the floor??
  6. Duude...there's some kid on the news around here who's like, dying from chemical burns on his lungs from smoking that synthetic shit.
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    lol....see below...

    i guess it fell outta my shorts last time I loaded my pipe...piss on me! I MEAN...ME BAG...LOL pee is no laughing you're high

    I cannot agree more...I hope to see a psych and get marinol...I do not want to sell out and say "I need help I'm 'hooked' on weed...I need this to get me off" just get get what I need to make me a normal human being...shit...I'm not laughing now...fuuuuuck...:eek:

    not sure who I can go to psychiatrist wise...not sure who is understanding in my area and knows about how helpfull this shit least enough to let me TRY....shit...not funny anymore...LAME!!!!!

    Any one got a gif of cue dancing puppies and kittens?

  8. fuck...I smoke a lot too...why can't I find...nvm

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