Dog passed away

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  1. Had this dog for about 9 years, one of the most loyal dogs I've ever had. We've been through a lot together; from escaping a house fire, to fighting the neighbors pitbull when it tried eating my nieces food.

    This loud blunt is for you, Sam. R.I.P.
  2. You have my deepest condolences. My dog passed away in May and I'm still missing him.
  3. I feel for you man, my condolences to you. I just got a puppy a couple months ago and now I am her "pack leader" as they call it and its an inseperable bond.

    You should look into getting another dog once you're ready.
  4. definitely feel for you, man.  a couple summers ago my dog that I got on my 6th birthday had to be put down.  It just so happened to be my 18th birthday :(  think about her every day.
  5. Damn bro, sorry to hear that. The day my Jack Russell dies is gonna be a day I drink myself stupid, and just lay in bed for a week, its gonna suck. I'm dreading it... That's life though. He's got a good 4 or more years left so hopefully it ain't gonna be soon. He's the calmest dog I have ever seen. The only time he barks is when he sees a snake, fish, rabbit, squirrel, rat, mouse etc. This is my dog Jack (original as fuck ain't it?) And my moms dog Dumplin (we didn't have dog food the night we got her so we fed her chicken and dumplins)

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  6. Sadly it happens with every pet. I've been there had my girl from 4-17. They really are part of the family.
    My heart goes out and my next toke will be in his memory.
  7. It sucks, but I just keep in mind that she's in a better place. We had some great memories I'll never forget.

    All things, good or bad, must come to an end.
  8. Damn dude.I would fall apart if my dog died, especially at this point in my life. 
    This bowl is for all the great dogs out there.
  9. Condolences dude, it's a heart break.  Dogs are like people, only perfect.  We lost our little big Jack Russel last month.  We can still here her howling and we can't help her.  Poor little thing.
  10. Sorry to hear. One of the only subjects im truly sympathetic towards..
    Dogs truly love unconditionally. No motives behind their actions, never take advantage of owner etc.
    Sorry to hear friend. I hope you can heal soon.
  11. Dogs are literally mans best friends and my deepest sympathy to you op I blaze with my dog every time I can and he loves it he actually begs me to light the bong for him and I will miss him when he's gone.

    For my birthday buy me a politician

  12. sorry to hear man.

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