DoG inspired whiskey tube.

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  1. This idea came to me last night after a long shift at work, got home and thought 'I want some whiskey' (as you do). So just sat there reading through GC and saw Loki's DoG setup, it's safe to say I stopped everything and carried on reading, the only problem I had is I would enjoy at least a few meager g's for my efforts.
    Here's my extreme budget shopping list:
    Whiskey in a tube - £15+ (I went for 25 y/o single malt :)
    Standard 5a plug - 79p
    Bayonet light fitting - 50p
    Osram 26w 2700k cfl £1
    2/3 core wire - 31p/m (bad with electrics so any suggestions)
    Old xbox cooling fan - free
    Mobile phone charger - 20p

    I will update when assembled :)
  2. 2 months growing a plant that eighth of an ounce? The grows are impressive because they're so micro, but not efficient time least in my opinion. :eek:
  3. I did it a while ago... I used a slimjim cardboard can thingy like this:

    Got one big bud with some pruning... Was a total of 4 grams dried. Wasnt really too much effort... no nutes.. just some water.
  4. I don't expect much from it as I already have a good supply to last until spring so just a way to pass time until I can get back outdoors again. For the little maintenance it takes I may set up a few more seeing as it costs bugger all to run. Plus itll help use up my seeds as I have about 600ish seeds at my disposal lol. Should be fun either way. And as I mentioned what wire should I use for the mains plug light? It's 3 connectors on the plug (uk) to 2 on the light, any help guys?

  5. How long did it take you and what kinda light did you use
  6. Can't wait to see this thing built. Post some pics!

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