Dog got high on cannabis "fumes" and busts a grow op.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by SirBudsmokerIRL, May 26, 2009.

  1. what a bitch
  2. now howd the grandma know what the munchies are??? SHES the Mastermind! lol
  3. LOL! That is funny. I can't believe they consider that journalism. I don't think dogs can actually get high from marijuana, no matter how many times I'm told that sparky loves to get blazed.
  4. shit, take this as a sign

    Don't grow next door to old ladys with dogs, chances are they'll be there all day, snoopin around.
  5. wow this shit is dumb.....the lady was suprised that her dog as eating alot? its a fucking dog...all dogs eat alot..also a whole 50 grams....a whopping 1.7oz not that big scale...fuck the media
  6. looks liek a hella lot more than 50g's to me, i think they said 50 "GRAND" worth.
  7. wtf why are there soo many snitches like the cops got an award for em....
    if them were my plants, old lady would get fucked upp
  8. hasnt it been proven in studies. that you cant get high with just smelling it. wow people just keep getting stupid. If i could get high smelling my plants. ID NEvER buy weed ever again. Id just buy a ounce of dank. and just take a sniff and get fried. lol.
  9. Maybe the dog was just high because its lateral hypothalamus was active. Did that ever occur to those god damn owners?

    I hate anti-cannabis people, I HATE THEM! They may not know it, but their opposition contributes to fucking genocide. Ignorant compliciters is what they are.
  10. i would have smelled that shit too if i was walking "police dog"?

    lol did you guys hear the reporter ask the old lady if she didn't think that the dog laying around and sleeping for 12 hours was a result of old age and she was like shes only 6 ha
  11. hmm i wonder how they actually found the grow op. those people are morons if they think they were getting high from smelling the plants
  12. Fuck, I would be so pissed if I was the grower.
  13. Fucking bullshit. it cant get high from fumes
  14. Like everyone said, impossible to get high off of fumes.

    secondly, most dogs eat as much as they can, its natural instinct to store up energy because they don't know if they will go without food for days.

    Third, well if the god was eating the "other dogs food" that would mean the two dogs occupied the same living space, meaning that if the dog could possibly get high from fumes, the other dog would as well, making them both eat more.

    Fourth, poor guy...
  15. ^^^ good point!
  16. I hurd you can put the smoke into a bottle then push it into a dogs ear and it does directly into in his brain im not sure if its true or bs
  17. maybe her dog just liked to eat? all dogs like to eat. my dog would eat herself to death if possible. Munchies my ass. If this is bad, sorry i didnt watch the video, just read the little blurb on the side.
  18. nah, i've gotten my dog high before. funny shit actually

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