Dog eating a spliff

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ubik, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. OK, I have a friend who I saw yesterday, his dog was lookin quite "down" so I asked him about it, he told me this:
    I made up an Kingsize Rizzla joint, but it was so late that I decided to smoke on the morning and went to sleep. I woked up the next morning and was goin' to the kitchen and then I saw the living room, there was Shit all over the carpets, the furniture was ripped and it was a big mess, the dog was lying on the demolished sofa lookin.....well stoned, I was thinking what's wrong untill I saw it. On the floor there was reamins of an half eaten roach and the rest of the joint was gone... it doesn't take a genius to sum it all up.
  2. he shoulda been like chong and followed your dag around gotten his shit in a little bag dried it and smoked it. haha sucks for your friend dude
  3. ubik your british like me aint u mate cos you just sed king size rizzilaz and the americains donth aev a fuck what rizizliiaz are lol
    lol about ur dog and shamt bout ur stuff lol
  4. Rizzlaz!!!

    *Packet of blue Rizzlas please!*

  5. *sung to the south park the movies song la resistance*

    You see the distanct flames
    they below in the night
    it fight for all our names
    for what we know is right
    and tough u may get shot
    and you can not carry on
    dont wory
    weed and rizzlaz live on

    *hehehe takes a bow*

    you know what the best stoner movie is in the world

  6. mowiiiiii wowwwiiiiiiii mannnnnn

  7. Sorry but I'm from the Finland, still, rizzlas...... what is it in them that make them look son "interesting"? there's something in the package that makes me want to buy them.
    Anyway they're great +

  8. LOL reminds me of you like dags.

    I wonder what german shepard tastes like mannn.

  9. Oh well nice to find a fellow rizzalaz person you know why we like them cos of that funky little colourfull pice they put in that tells you, you only have ten left my mate collects them
  10. Yeahm, those are handy.....

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