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Dog crapping in the house

Discussion in 'General' started by happy101, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. I went to this girl's house to go chill and I noticed that the 2 dogs piss and shit all over the house. They clean it but they don't disinfectant it. Now I found this to be disgusting and I'm sure there's health problems with this. Is it safe to live under this conditions. I feel obligated to do something about this ,it doesn't seem right to me,
  2. haha i was at a girls house last night and her dog was wearing a fuckin diaper i was just like...:confused:
  3. Sounds disgusting indeed, my friend. Why don't they train the dogs to poop outside or on a pamper?

    One reason why I love cats.. litter.
  4. hahaha thats pretty much how i looked.
  5. So not true about the cat thing.
    My friggin cat pisses on everything, if you leave clothes on the floor he'll piss on that for no reason at all when he has a clean litter box in the basement.
    My dog is so much more better trained then the cat, if the dog has to pee he'll bark/whine at you while standing infront of the door to let him out.
  6. I hate animals that dont follow the rules.
  7. lazy people should not be alowed to keep animals! dog's are naturally clean and wont dump where they live! i feel for the cat person though as male cats stink and try to mark everything as thier own! if you cant give time to your dogs don't get them! this is where dangerous dogs come from!

  8. wont dump where they live? yeah they do, my dog shits all over the backyard she doesnt care. hell she even eats her own shit if she's feeling hungry. lol!!!
  9. yeah dogs are filthy compared to cats.

    My mom got a new dog and I hate it with every fiber of my being.
  10. My mother has a Pomeranian and a Mini Pin. They both piss and shit EVERYWHERE all the damn time. It's disgusting. It got so out of hand that my parents actually laid down a wooden floor in the living room and kitchen specifically to make it easier to clean.

    I'm the only one in this house that does anything about it, apart from cleaning it (which I refuse to do anymore because it happens no matter what). The Mini Pin knows what's coming when he sees me roll up a newspaper after he shits on the floor. I'll beat his ass with it (not as hard as I can, love taps are enough to scare the hell out of him lol) but I can't do it to the Pom because she's getting old and I can never be too careful with her (plus I've got a soft spot for her >.>).
  11. Walk the f-ing dogs!

  12. You walk the dogs.
  13. has the dog got a choice?i'm sure it dont shit where it sleeps.
  14. Why do theese people get animals if they cant put in the effort to train them! see when they maul a kid what then!
  15. Mate ma 2 dogs are walked 4 times a day regardless of weather comitment i made when i got them!
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  16. Is there an award for that? :D

    Also, I'm fairly sure there's not much connection between dogs who shit in the house and dogs who attack people.
  17. dog's that attack are either not trained well or trained to attack!

  18. HIGH All, +rep to you StonednScotland....just a little reward Bro.

    It's called responsibly I see a connection.

    Edit: Good point StonednScotland
  19. it's just total lazyness to put up with shit in your house when a wee walk regularly would solve it all!

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