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Discussion in 'General' started by locnar, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. my neighbours dog has been barking non stop ever since i got home. and that was an hour ago. i mean this is non stop barking.. only seconds in between each bark.. should i check it out? its making my dog nervous. im also pretty high right now so im gettin nervous
  2. Fuck checkin it out.

    Knock on their door and tell them to shut their dog up.

    Its 11pm man.
  3. Is he a drug dog o_O ?

    Lol just pullin ur leg, yell shut the fuck up out the window that what makes our neighbors dogs shut up.
  4. i would love to yell out the window.. but because of whats in my basement, i dont want to draw attention to myself.. its driving me nutz im goin over there.. first i gotta put drops in my eyes and do the shit that makes me appear to be not high as fuck.
  5. Hmm Whats in the basement would make me a bit worried too
  6. I hate it when my neighbors dogs do that, they have 4 beagles and they bark CONSTANTLY.

    I always go out and shoot my .22 into the air and scream 'SHUT THE FUCK UP,' it doesnt make them quiet but i feel a lot better afterwards.
  7. wow... i have only lived in this house for about 8 months.. never once met or seen the neighbours to our backyard.. well i go over there and knock on the door.. nobody answers. so i keep knocking.. finally i hear this sweet soft voice saying "just a minute".. i was greeted at the door by a pretty damn good looking mexican lady in her robe.. how i have i never noticed her! i told her i was just checking and a little concerned since her dog had been barking for the past hour and a half straight.. she apologized and said that she had been laying in the bath tub for the past two hours. her and her husband got in a "fight", and he had gone out to the bars. to make a long story short she let her dog back inside, and i probably could have boned her. but im married :rolleyes:
  8. You should have had a happy little accident with her
  9. yeah and if my wife found out she would have a happy little accident with a knife and my wang
  10. Marriage >.<

  11. [​IMG]
  12. same here
  13. When I was like 5 my neighbors dogs would bark ALL NIGHT FUCKING LONG. He had like 5 weener dogs and thats what they did from 10 at night till like 4 in the morning. He could never get to them to shut up. My room in the house was closest to him. Shit was so annoying they barked like that for bout 4-6 years and then they started to stop. I got use to it and literally just fell alseep to the barking. I think they got tired of it or something or maybe just because they got older and changed. Idk but that shit sucked for a good year.

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