Dog ate the top half of my plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by calicheese23, May 24, 2006.

  1. I have a plant that I planted awhile ago and it was up to about 16 inches tall. I had no problems with it, a healthy plant. Then one day I went outside to go check on it and my dog had its mouth on the plant. I yelled at the dog to get away and it took some the plant with him.

    The plant didn't get riped out of the soil or anything. He just bit off the top part so its only about 10inces tall now. It is still standing up right and its been about two seeks since my dog did that and the plant is still all green. But I havn't noticed alot of growth in it.

    Will my plant still have a chance to maybe grow just a little shorter with fewer buds? Or is it done for?
  2. man that cat ate a part of a leaf.....but damn your dog should get it's ass kicked
  3. you better call the "dog whisperer"
  4. There was a link on the city somewhere and it was like to the dog people of america or something and it said that cannibus was toxic to dogs( not the smoke the plant) but if Spot is alright i guess there nothing to worry about.
  5. animals pets love the plant, i had my cat eat at least a dozen of my plants

    he had a thing for seedlings man
    i dont know what it was

    but depending on what part of the plant he took he may have done you a good thing :)
    you ever topped your plants before? because if he only bit off the main middle stem cola part then your plant will get bushy and taller
    i pruned and trimmed my plants like this and worked for almost every strain i grew
    but non the less it sucks what happend

    do you have a picture of the plant?
  6. Awesome. He may have done a good thing, I don't know. I'll post a pic as soon as I get my new digital camera after I cash my paycheck :)
  7. dude... I would of murdered that dog right there and then, 16 inches, not bad at all...

    But yah... this is why you leave plants and animal wild life seperate :p

    Get a repellant for all sorts of animals and spray it around your plants if you have dogs/cats or what ever the hell you people have :cool:

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