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Dog across the street just attacked (something)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tripple A, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I opened my window for a quick couple of hits like i do every night, when right after I inhale my 2nd hit, i hear a fuckin beast in the front yard and another dog yelping. The buzz hit me right then and there, and honestly it kinda traumatized me. I knew that pitbull was gonna snap one day...

    Just had to get that off my chest, idk if the cat, puppy, or dog lived cause he yelped pretty loud.

  2. does vick live across the street?
  3. hahahaha!! i was just about to write that. :hello:
  4. nope. just a bunch of loud inbred fucks ruining the neighborhood. I guess i shouldn't expect better from them, considering they will tear ass up the street in their piece of shit diesel volkswagon when little kids play in the street all the time. Of course my parents take care of our lawn, our house in general, yet they have the need to ruin a perfectly good neighborhood by parking on their lawn, and even lie and say they won't do it anymore after we talk to them about it.

    Fuck POS neighbors. Felt like it was a good time to rant about my neighbors haha. Having their dogs become beasts by treating them like shit (kicking them in their front yard when they make a mistake)

    Again sorry for the long rant haha. This wasn't intentionlly made to rant, well at least every thing my neighbor does.

  5. Rabble, Rabble, Rabble!

    I like reading rants bro, it sounds like you have some certified assholes as neighbors. My suggestion is to buy 29g's of cheap, shitty weed (so it becomes a felony) and put it in their house. Also putting a scale and baggies and some coke/heroin near the weed wouldnt hurt...Then call the cops on them!

    Problem solved :D
  6. #6 halokiller99, Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 5, 2010
    Man, Its not the dogs fault its the owners. Yes pitbulls do have a high pray drive but that can be controlled by a good owner.. I got a recuse pitbull and two cats and another smaller dog. The pit doesnt even chase the cats. Most dogs will attack an animal comeing into their yard. Ive seen my buddy's 11 lb terrier/chiuahua(sp?) mix kill squirrel's. My dog kills moles sometimes it scared me once when I saw it going crazy on one beacuse when those things are cornerd they actually are very loud I thought it was a racoon by the sounds I was hearing so maybe it wasnt even another domestic animal.. If it did attack another animal that was a pet call animal control on them. they should keep their dog under better control or not have one at all from the sounds of it. sorrrrrrry people who dont train the dogs they buy piss me off hardcore. Epsically pitty's beacuse of the bad rep they already got.

    and btw tech n9ne is the fucking shit :D
  7. I love pits it's not the dog it's the owner, a long time ago they used to be on the list of top dogs for families but now they get bad rep for fighting and bad owners.

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