Doesn't It?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pineapple Ex, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Just sitting here stoned and thinking, Doesn't life suck GrassCity?
    Think of it this way.

    We go to work, We come home, We pay our bills, etc. There really is no point to our lives its just all so boring. I think this would probaly be the reason why I smoke the herb because it just makes you feel good about everything.
  2. thats a bad reason to be smokin herb
  3. Doesnt suck.

    Not always nice but without the bad stuff the nice things wouldnt be so enjoyable.

  4. Gotta relax man. Life isn't a fantasy, it's life. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's lonely, sometimes it's sad. You live for the sometimes that are happy. You make the most out of what you got, and take what you can get.
  5. sucks compared to what?
  6. :hello::smoking:
  7. Its boring if you let it be boring. Who says you have to have a job thats boring or coming home to something boring?
    Life is what you make of it, and if all your doing is working and paying bills, my deepest sympathies are going towards you because thats no way to go through life.
  8. life is a bitch then you die, might as well make it worthwhile while you can though, you only live once.
  9. I feel the same way. Its like we live just to get the living done. We work at school and at jobs to make money to afford nice things just for the sake of having nice things. Its like life isn't actually LIVED anymore. Sometimes I want to be a sustinence farmer in Papa New Guinea
  10. thats why everytime i think that, it gives me more motivation in life. we have one small chance to make a mark on this world. who will you be know... rather, Remembered as? the guy who went to work or the guy who cured disease? or even simpler but equal, the guy who was a good guy to everyone?
  11. I disagree.

    In life, of course we have things that are hard to deal with. A good portion of life is utterly boring. But it's pretty much the meaning of life to change that- to change the outcome of our day. To make it better than the day before.

    I know I have been in so many places where I felt like there was no point to this life. But really, what else is there? If you're religious, there may be other lives, yes. But no one knows that for sure. You have one life, are you really going to let it be as boring as you say? Or are you going to try to change it?

    There's so many things out there that we should appreciate over just having a boring life. And so many things we can do to change them- even slightly. Especially having more optimism; seeing things in the light that they should be seen, no matter what it is. In truth, life is what you make it. It can be beautiful or it can be miserable.
  12. Speak for yourself. With or without cannabis I have a great life. I have a beautiful, loving wife and my health. The other stuff, nice house, cars, HDTV, blah blah, is just extra crap.

    The point of life is to live and to enjoy life. Even the little things can be pleasurable if you don't let yourself just go through the motions. Grab life, taste it, feel it.
  13. to me, the most important thing in life is during those last few minutes on your deathbed, you can think back and be happy. or when you get really old you can be happy and content with the life you lived and people you touched. my grandma had hundreds of people attend her funeral and wake and stuff, it was beautiful. she touched alot of people. i wana be that person too. like right now if i died, not that many people wiuld come to my funeral, i wana change that. Live your life as if your born in the morning and die at night. its hard but if u think about it, thats what life is pretty much.

  14. there fixed. :p

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