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Doesn't it suck to be.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lite, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. .....dry :( I'm waiting on half an o but until then... :(
  2. But l,ve still got heaps :smoking:

    l,ll smoke a couple of bongs for ya my friend.:D
  3. yes it does
    i have been dry since the 7 and my dealer was supposed to get me some on the 10 and still havnt gotton any yet
  4. Thanks critter, that didn't exactly make me feel better tho...:( lol, now im wishing that it was the weekend also :(
  5. ill marry him first then divorce him then get half his weed. wooooo what a plan
  6. um... ill kill everyone and smoke all there weed and putin them in a river let them float down i t and put thte ashes in the river to kinda like a remberance of there weed i stole and smoked and kinda givin bak to there souls
  7. ok, now you people are making me nervous about my stash...

  8. sheesh..didn't you guys read the fine print when you signed up?

    'Upon clicking yes you hereby offer all of your stash to the mods of grasscity, we will be by to pick it up later. have a nice day:D'

    and im dry hand it over ;p
  9. lmao..

    ok you can have half off my resin ball.
  10. stashless stashes are never good
  11. I demand the hole resin would go great with my roach papers.

  12. no they really dont compare to the endless stash very well do they.
  13. I'll give you a cutting of the endless bud plant, now all i need is an endless money tree :)
  14. i've been dry since the end of may.

    holy shit!

  15. Roach papers? You smoke the crutch? Yuuuck. Does it get you high?

    Well it disappeared in a mysterious series of controlled fires. Dunno what happend. I'll pay homage next time I get a sack.

  16. a roach around here atleast, is the end of the joint. no one around here uses cardboard or whatever for the end, its all weed in there. so when it gets down to whenere you cant even hold it with your lips to hit it no more, you just save it for when your dry, or you throw it in your bowl and smoke it. same with blunts.
  17. yea but he said roach PAPERS... not roaches.

    oh well, when smoking a joint you smoke the whole paper, so rock on bud.
  18. How strange, same thing happened to my sack. I think there is a serial arsonist about.
  19. hehe..yeh I was just joking..wouldn't go as far to smoke the papers no matter how dry I was.
  20. My budy tried smoking an all-paper joint once. We all knew it was a bad idea, but let him do it anyways. he took one hit and started coughing his lungs out. the smoke he exhales was black.

    It was funny as hell.

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