Doesnt it piss you off when....

Discussion in 'General' started by dbpwattack, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. When you are desperately trying to save money but you are going to the movies with your girl. It's $9 a fucking ticket, plus the pot I bought, plus the apple I'm going to have to buy because my other piece broke. Thats a good $30.

    So the end result is $30 worth getting laid?

    :hello:Hell Yea
  2. Apples are sooo ghetto.
  3. I've paid we talking about the same thing??

  4. If you wanna save money, watch the movie online like a cheap bastard, get schwag, and just five-finger discount the apple.
    :D Solves all your problems:rolleyes:
  5. Rent a movie and cuddle on the couch instead?
  6. werd.

    you can smoke during the movie, get freaky, w/e! Fuck those public limitations :hello:
  7. lol lot easier to get head on your own couch

    as for the apple shit... you could save 40 cents by busting a page outta the bible to smoke from
  8. why an apple when papers and cigarillos are readily available at like 99% of all gas stations?

  9. Bro, you can never put a premium on intimacy and spending time with a woman you care about, it's just money. Besides what would you rather have a full wallet or a cold bed?
  10. I feel your pain man.. movie tickets are expensive. better not let this one think you're too cheap to take her out though ;)
  11. Having a girl will def impact your pockets. Kurupt said it best " if kurupt gave a fuck about a chick, i'd always be broke/i'd never have no mothafucking indo to smoke!" Just how it goes dog. My lady likes the nicer things in life, so when i see the coach purse i got her for our 2nd anniv, i see a fucking RooR perc haha. Its all good though cuz you cant put a price on a good relationship, even though sometimes it gets dificult to save up some feria.
  12. surprised no one has jumped on you for such "blasphemy"

    Though, bible paper makes the best joint paper.
  13. Because the smell and taste of burning paper and chemicals is really a turn on.

    No, rolling paper makes the best joint paper. Bible paper tastes like shit because it's basically computer paper.
  14. naw find one of those 'classic' era bibles

    anything pre-60's thats all fancy with leather bound gold lettering usually had tissue paper type backers (blank almost transparent page) made of flax or hemp

    no gum on 'em but it'll smoke just fine
  15. Joints arent that great anyway, its what 50-80 cents for a cigarillo?

    Id buy a rillo, and dome that shit.
  16. 30 bucks? You got off easy bro.
  17. What he said.

  18. M.O.B.
  19. the only money it costs me to get laid is buying condomns.

    but 30 bucks is def worth it too...thats if youre getting what you want
  20. probably because most people have either seen zeitgeistmovie or already knew that christainity is a hoax.

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