doesn't it feel nice?

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Going to bed blazed,i know people are going to say waste of weed,but recently smoking like an hour before bed then going to bed still blazed feels so nice.Espicially if you have the weed to spare.:smoking:
  2. If I smoke too much and don't wait long enough to go to bed, I find I'm really restless and can't go to sleep. That's just me though.
  3. i love going to sleep after smoking. calms my mind and i can fall asleep like a baby.
  4. Alot of times im in bed smoking a bowl. Love it.
  5. oh yea smoke some then watch some conan or somethin and pass out
  6. i love to fall asleep high, but im usually always really tired in the morning before school
  7. i love it the most in winter when its frezzing and i have the really fuzzy warm sheets on my bed.
  8. i hate when i burn sativa before bed because i cant really fall asleep, i find my self thinking too much to fall asleep ... its weird.
  9. I love it
    I take a jamaican shower every night and then just chill in bed and listen to music.
    Its definately not a waste of a high
    I think its the best high, because you dont have other shit goin' on, you can just think and zone out to music.
  10. helps me sleep when i'm baked
  11. i love burnin one down and getting into bed, the sheets feel absolutley amazing. but i cant realy get to sleep brain just keeps jumpin from thing to thing and wont turn off...a bowl+nyquil=crazy ass fuckin dreams

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