Does your pet like to take a bath? Love for H20?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Twistedweather, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. First time I gave my dog a bath, Niko gave me a look of anxious desperation. 
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    He pretty much stood still and it was an easy job but I knew he wanted it to end ASAP.
    He is still no fan of bathtime.  Eventually I would like to teach him to swim.  I'm sure it is gonna take some work.
    Can you teach them to eventually love the water?  or are they born with aqua-sense

  2. It's possible for them to learn to enjoy it but some breeds just aren't water dogs... My boxers hate the water.Here's a pic of my pup yesterday getting ready for a bath and pissed haha ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390344441.114307.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. My cat absolutely hates the water, but she loves being so fresh and clean afterwards. But, lots of scratching and biting between the beginning and end.
  4. My dog's the same way excluding the scratching and biting part.
  5. What breed is your dog? He looks like a Chihuahua. 
  6. He is a chug, a chihuahua-pug hybrid.    
  7. Omg! I have the same dog too and she has a white coat with black spots. So cute!!!
  8. thats cool and cute.  Niko has a white stripe that goes from his chin to his belly.    
  9. My ball python bathes all the time. ( without my assistance ofc) I rarely catch him doing it tho.

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    Animals enjoy water, as long as they choose to go in and are equipped to deal with the water they are happy, but a bath is a different matter. If you have an bath friendly animal do not take it for granted. I have had many animals over the years, several whom liked water just fine, but none of them liked taking a bath. Rats, several dogs, snakes, and many other small animals. when my bunny is dirty enough we'll see how she takes it. 
    There are various levels of hatred for water, some as mild as cowering in fear and bolting as soon as they realize they are being lead to the bathroom, and can be as bad as attacks of diarrhea. 
    My recommendation is to try your best to give baths a positive association, don't let your animal think it's being punished. When i bathe my dog i am constantly praising her and making the shampooing as enjoyable as possible, i.e. scratching, massaging, and petting her while i apply the soap. 

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