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Does your partner toke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iloveindica, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Personally I'm single but I'm curious how many blades have a partner that partakes.

    How difficult was it to meet such a person?

    For those of you with a partner that doesn't toke, how did you go about telling them and how did they take it?
  2. I just broke up with a girl but we used to smoke all the time. Just first time we met we smoked and ended up going out after that but always smoked at different occasions. I met her by chance but she was chill
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    My boyfriend and I have been smoking together for 5 years now! I'm missing my smoking buddy but he's moving back to l.a tomorrow. :love: Our favorite thing to do high is cruise top down through the mountains.

    My bf and I got together when I was 14 he was 16 , I didn't smoke weed at the time, he did rarely. We started buying grams together and eventually smoking weed became an everyday thing.
  4. Gf & I smoke everyday.

  5. That's awesome. How did you meet him? Did you know right away he smoked?
  6. Just updated my post above to answer the question. :D
  7. She tokes with me every once and a while, but she's not big into it, she prefers drinking ): so usually she drinks a lot smokes a little and I smoke a lot and drink a little.
  8. My wife and I both partake. We both did before we met, didn't know each other smoked weed when we first met (neither of us smoke cigarettes), discovered our shared love for the herb after a few times going out together and talking about everything.

    We both appreciate the alternative lifestyle scene, counterculture, etc, so I guess it just came hand in hand. Buying my wife a new dugout for Christmas!
  9. Good stuff. It's hard enough to meet the right person, even harder I think to meet someone who shares your passion for pot!

    Don't take it forgranted :).

  10. Good advice. My wife is the most amazing person. We've been married for 5 years and every day it just gets better. Hope my fellow blades can experience the same someday.
  11. Me and my girl smoke together all the time. I got her into but she loves to do it. I love smoking with her its the best.

  12. Good to hear, you have something special there.

    Dating can be a real bitch..and it seems to limit your options a bit more if you smoke.

  13. It sure can, but hang in there. I don't even wanna tell you how bad my dating experience was before I met my wife. 'Bleak' is one way to describe it.

    When it's right, it's worth waiting for.
  14. Me and my partner have been together for damn near 5 years at this point. At the start of the relationship, she didn't smoke, and I had stopped. For two years, neither of us smoked, and then I started again.

    She didn't like it at first, mostly because I did it with my roommate, and he kept the stuff in our apartment, so she was all, "it's illegal oooooohhhh scary." But then she smoked with her sister (a grower), and decided she liked it enough not to care.

    We smoke together all the time now, but she does it less than I do. She knows I smoke almost daily, but doesn't mind. As long as it doesn't ever come between us, we're golden.

  15. That's cool that she saw the light.

    I don't think anyone should have to change who they are for someone else.

    A good relationship is about accepting someone for what they are and loving them for it too. If you want someone to change to be with you then you just shouldn't be with that person...
  16. My girlfriend smokes, but not as much as I do. In fact, every time I smoke with her, she gets way higher than me due to my tolerance, and just tries to keep up :smoke:

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