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    It's really really f'd up, that I had to write this, but it's the sad, sad reality over the invasion from thousands of years ago and the constant pollution of different star seeds.
    Anyways, High, I just thought that I would spread this information because I'm tired of the mental hospital, Mormons... the illuminati, Satan, The Adversary, and your typical anti-christ newbie about you users who have pain in your heart, chest, and tingling sensations in your brain when you're toking it up.
    The reason is: You're an Angel. Pain in your heart is attributed to Jesus. (He was crucified with a broken heart) You're an Empath. Psychic. You're a pain receiver, to sum it up in more than one way.
    When I smoke my Marijuana and I get by disbelievers, I get much more than a heart pain, and chest pain. I get the full five holy wounds, not being wounded though just the sensations of the wounds. Different reactions from people bring on different sensations in different locations. i.e ignorance can strike my feet with nail sensations. duality can strike my heart in to a throb of pain. Which is where Mind over Matter comes in to play, to divert this, but still recognize it around me. This is where I concentrate on its direction and where it's eminating from.
    I know there's a lot of non-believers and what not that smoke pot but that's primarily because either the way your mind is programmed, genetics, and awareness. I'm not preaching or pressing my views on you, but for those who are aware of these sensations and experience them, this is why you feel them. Just explaining, to make it easier and for you to understand. Something that's lacking in this world, if you haven't noticed. :(
    Not everyone is the same, therefore not every marijuana smoker will have this effect while medicated. That's just the way it is, due to the soul matrix manipulation over the gene pools.
    It is NOT because you are having a Stroke, or a Heart attack like some liar-sites who oppose the use of cannabis, the Trinity, and try to control the reality you are gifted with. They just want to feed you disinformation over the truth of your inner-ability and that many of you tokers seem unaware of.
    I've read posts where people stop completely because of this ability, and it's like, Why?! You're special, don't be afraid. Trust comes from experience.
    There you have your answer of why you feel those sensations. don't panic or anything, or have anxiety because you fear that you are dying. Chill. You cannot die by experiencing other peoples pain. Or the Rejection/Denial of Trinity.
    Remove yourself from the environment that you're currently in and identify who it is you are drawing that energy, pain, grief, disbelief in you know who, and so on. There's lots of negative energy to be radiated in the world: Ignorance is a big one... Disbelief in God is a big one too.
    We feel like we're dying everyday sometimes. A guy rolled up on me at the Bus Station and said "It feels like I'm dying everyday", I nodded, as in "Yes", but by 2pm I had that terminal overloaded with Light energy. 
    I'll be putting a static page describing this stuff in detail on my website soon, and if you want to educate yourself more, just google "MeshedEtch I'm Alive". You'll find the glory.
    Nothin' like being on the 12th Density.
    Important note: Just because one isn't of the maldekian or pleiadian bloodline does not make them a Bad person. Great people exist that aren't embedded with Maldek/Pleiadian genetics.  Annunaki and Grey bloodlines are simply void of the Trinity in their genetic line and to validate the reality that we're not all one and that there is many races from different star systems amongst us. It just can be impossible to smoke medicine around them, due to the conflict of origin of their embedded DNA.
    But most the time, you will feel pain is just because of grief, tension, sadness, ignorance and so on. If you feel the spear in your side, that means you're being killed, because someone doesn't believe in the Trinity. ( Father, Son, holy Spirit: God".
    Reality is relentless sometimes.
    With that said, Get out and help project positivity in the REAL world. IRL RPG. Greatest Role playing game of all time.

  2. lol wat.
    You're high as fuck, man.
  3. Op is delusional. Need help. Now. Before he does something bad. Like killing someone he thinks god told him to kill.

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    OP you owe me 10 minutes of my life back please
    also, what exactly were you smoking before you wrote that?
  5. I'm an angelllllllllllll :hippie:
  6. This dude smoked a Jeffrey...
  7. This, to me, is a good example of those hoping to become spiritual, but not putting in the real effort to find truth. All you see is some crazy "light energy" bullshit.
    Dude, i'm not going to put you down, if you can give me reason to believe there is truth in anything you say, i'll become a hippo.
    Nah, but really, what you said, might mean something else entirely to you.
  8. I live with it

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