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Does your family crack you up when youre stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by erizzle55, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Just curious to see if this happens to anyone else because my father and brother both crack me up o.d. When im stoned, for no reason lol then they always ask me what the f*** is so funny
  2. haha yeah. my dad is funny as fuck. Hell go on and on for 10 or 15 mins telling me a story about cutting down pine trees then at the end hell just be like " yeah thats what your room smells like, smells like good shit.

  3. haha my dad does the same shit! Most of my family is hilarious, it made the holidays a bit more bearable this year because I was consistently baked:D
  4. My sister knows I smoke, but she still always asks me why I laugh so much whenever she is around. I laugh because she knows I do it, but doesnt realize I am stoned :D
  5. I'm always high around my parents. They know i smoke, but think i don't anymore. I find it hilarious. They keep saying how they like me more than before. I really enjoy doing whatever boring shit they make me do if i'm stoned haha. They don't complain anymore.
  6. #6 Purple Dream, Dec 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2012
    my parents suck to be high around.
    my mom always NEEDS to know if i'm stoned. so she'll just ask me. like are you stoned?
    and i'll be like yeah, you already know i am, why do you have to make it so awkward.
    then sure enough it's hella awkward.
    hella stupid.
    she doesn't like that i smoke. but what is she gonna do about it? xD
  7. Bahaha... So much fun! My family laughs and jokes with me. I'm really okay with laughing at myself when I'm faded. So they will be joking with me and making fun of me laughing so hard usually. Then they start laughing really hard because they are laughing at me laughing usually. It usually gets interesting with them drinking and me faded. Priceless moments though..... <3
  8. Nope. Not particular close with my family, they're too emotional and serious so I keep to myself.
  9. With my dad sometimes he can crack me up but my dads a bit... wierd. Like he'll pick me up from somewhere and for the whole car ride home he'll tell me a story (or be telling me about a movie he saw) and it'll make no sense at all and that's what causes me to laugh.

    With my mom, she doesn't like talking to me when I'm high lol.

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