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Does your doctor know that you smoke marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by bsuttoi, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. This just recently popped into my head because I went to visit the doctor and they asked me if I smoked (implying cigarettes) and I said no, because I don't...

    ...but have you ever mentioned to your doc that you do smoke weed or is it just a personal choice that you don't share with your health provider? If you did tell your doctor, what did they say?

    I'm just very curious!
  2. i always tell the doc?
    they cannot get you in trouble....
    most of them wont even try and tell you not to do it....

    i have neuro issues...and have told all the neurologists i have seen about all of the drugs and how much of each i have done;):smoke:
  3. yep only cause i got me some crohn's disease lol so i told him weed helps a lot and he said to keep smoking it and i aint in to mmj state :eek:
  4. well yeah...but only cuz im snoop dogg
  5. All my docs know im a mmj patient. Always be completely honest with them.
  6. That's a good doctor!
    As for myself, no. I didn't want to tell him before I was 18 because I didn't know if I had patient/doctor confidentiality as a minor.

    Now its a matter of when my doctor's appointment comes up for me to tell him. Even if my parents pay for my doctor, and my health insurance, I still have my confidentiality, right? I'd love to hear my doctor's opinion on weed.
  7. The main drawback to complete honesty is you may later be turned down for things like mortgage insurance (or similar) where one of the requirements is that you allow them access to all your medical records.
    Given the current economy, home buying may not be tops on most GC members lists for a while....
  8. All except the neuro, and only because I haven't seen him yet.
  9. Nope. I kind of want to tell him, but I kind of don't. Because if I ever come in with a cough or something he's gonna be like "maybe you should stop smoking weed faggot".

  10. i believe you
    dont worry
    hi snoopy
  11. Living in WA I would tell my doc, but my mom told her's 15 years ago and He told her insurance and they dropped her. This happened in KS. He had been our family Dr for 20 years at that point. Fuck that rightwing state.
  12. yeah he knows
    said if i come back in 6 months
    and i take a blood test that shows up negative for thc theyll take it off my documents
    im like *****
  13. Yup. I remember going to the doctor when i was 14 and they asked me if i smoked or did any drugs before and i told them i've smoked marijuana. She wrote it down then told me not to smoke because smoking is bad for me.

    And if i go to the doctor again and they ask me if i smoke, im gonna tell them i dont smoke cigarettes but i occasionally smoke marijuana. Id rather not lie to the fucker thats gonna save my life (or try)
  14. I do not believe I have one.:cool:
  15. my doc asked if i smoked cigs, i said sometimes, she said i should stop. then she asked if i had done hallucinogens; i told her i had, she asked is that it? i say "...as for hallucinogens? yeah?" to which she responds, "what? you smoke marijuana?" I say, "yes," she says smoking is bad for me and we moved onto my weight problem.

    went better than expected.
  16. ive never even thought about telling my doctor. idk why he'd care or need to know, so i never bothered to mention it.

    and i still probably wont because i barely go there anyway
  17. Thanks for your responses.

    I haven't told my doctor, either, and I doubt I will...
  18. Of course my doctor knows.

    the main reason i see him anymore, is because i can't smoke like i want to, and have severe anxiety without it. My doctor has been trying to replace my weed-reliance with pills for the last 10 years or so.
  19. My doctor knows, I don't live in a mmj state but it is decriminalized here. My doctor didn't really express any concern, when I used to smoke ciggarettes she would but only for that. She didn't care about pot, but just say to use it moderately because I get bronchitis and have breathing problems a lot so smoking anything isn't great for me. I have glanced at my file on the computer when they walk out and it doesn't list that I smoke marijuana, only that I quit smoking cigs a year ago.
  20. My doctor gave me my mmj rec so....he knows.

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