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Does your doctor blaze?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud-tastic, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. So I just finish ripping through 5 bowls at home when my mom says I have to go to the doctor. I was too baked to argue...


    So when I go in, the doctor starts cracking some bad jokes, probably not even expecting me to laugh. I BURST out laughing at the dumbest shit. The features of his face also started to shift around (it was a sativa-dominant strain). He points out that I seem much happier than normal, which makes me assume the worst. I'm freaking out as he's checking my eyes. "Do you have allergies?" "uuhhh.............................yeah!"

    So he goes on with everything as he normally does. Then when I get dressed and start to walk out, he stops me. "Are you high on something right now?" "Of course not! I'm a good kid!" "Look, it doesn't matter if you do. I won't tell your mother." So I tell him I'm completely fucking ripped, and he finds the whole thing funny. Then he said something I will never forget.

    "I don't know why you were so worried. It usually just makes me apathetic." So my doctor blazes. Idk, I just thought that was pretty sweet. Anybody else know a doctor who smokes or had a similar experience?

    Gonna go blaze more, peace.
  2. haha good shit, a similar situation happened to me when my boss called me into her office one day to discuss a raise. i was pretty ripped, and she noticed right away, i though i was gonna get fired for sure but she asked if i had anymore on me, i was taken back by this but in hopes that i would get an even better raise, i gave her the rest of my eighth. i didnt get a better raise but now i get to blaze with my boss when its a little slow at work
  3. I had a appoitment with my family doctor once last year (I didint start smoking weed yet) and I asked him if I should try smoking weed. He said "My 2 daughters tried marijuana and nothing bad happend to them". Then he whent on with all this info. on studys proving that weed isnt bad for you. Hes cool when hes in a good mood. Then hes just a huge dick when hes pissed. It seems to be that I go see him and hes in a good mood then the next 2-3 visists hes in a bad mood.
  4. i dont think you know what apathetic means. all he was saying is that he doesnt care, not that hes jealous or does it too or something
  5. i think the doc was saying that SMOKING usually makes him apathetic, not worried.
  6. If that is an accurate quote, it could mean either he smokes and doesnt care or that he doesnt care that you smoke. I seriously doubt he would smoke, he would lose his medical license and insurance besides compromising people's health. It may sound hypocritical but I wouldnt want a stoned doctor working on me.
  7. I have no idea wether my doctor smokes but I have smoked with 3 doctors before. Once was a pediatrician and the other two were eye doctors. Pretty cool I guess.
  8. My doctor also blazes. I'm friends with his daughter and she has smoked with him a couple times now.
  9. Just because someone blazes doesn't meant they're stoned at work.
  10. ''Scalpal'' *rips da joint*

    ''Nurse, wasn't I supposed to remove the other one''?

    Yikes :bolt:
  11. It doesnt seem from this that he was saying he smokes. But I dont know I wasnt there
  12. It sounded to me like the doctor was saying "I don't understand why you were freaking out. It usually makes me not care."
  13. You guys need to learn English (aside from OP, few others, Fuel, etc).

    It also sounded like he was stating that smoking weed makes him apathetic meaning showing little or no emotion.
  14. It sounds like the doc was just saying that he doesn't get paranoid, he just doesn't care when he's high.

    And when you toke it doesn't mean you do it at work too. Some of the most prestiges professionals who are the best at what they do toke at home.
  15. hes gonna tell your mom and your gonna get you but whooped with her shoe. HIDE UNER YOUR BED YOUNGSTER!
  16. From wikipedia: Apathy (also called impassivity or perfunctoriness) is a state of indifference, where an individual has an absence of interest or concern to certain aspects of emotional, social, or physical life. Lol he has an absence of concern of your tokingness. He most likely does not smoke. :smoke:
  17. i bet my 215 doctor blazes....
  18. Uh no. Apathy means indifference, not lack of emotion. Perhaps somebody needs to work on their reading comp and their vocabulary.
  19. Lol inst this thread about if your doc smokes? Who gives a fuck what context he used apathetic in, let the OP clear it up and stop arguing lol.

    I'm in the medical field and I've smoked with a few physicians and a bunch of my profs at uni. It's a pretty chill thing to do in their down time. It doesn't mean that they're toking up outside of your room and then coming in to do a full physical while blitzed on kush or something.
  20. WOW. ok, the doctor said

    "I dont know why you were worried. it usually just makes me apathetic."

    lets break this down a little.

    He can't relate to the OP about being worried, because when he himself gets high, he becomes apathetic.. or indifferent.

    It doesn't mean he smokes currently, but if that is a direct quote then it sounds like it's something he's done at least somewhat recently.

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