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Does your dealer drop off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EndoMANIAC, May 13, 2011.

  1. Was curious, do you guys go to your dealers house to pick up, or does he drive down to you?

    I have two main numbers, one comes to me and takes 10-15 minutes. The other guy I walk to lives 10 minutes from my place. I prefer walking, considering that dudes weed is better.
  2. sometimes i go to him some times he comes to me
  3. where i live in NY yes and where i live in Fl no. seems to be more of a regional thing. i personally like going there myself
  4. Used to have a guy stop by used to take me 2-6 hours for a was horrible (He was one of the main dudes)...Never again but his stuff was top notch and very very good but the wait isn't worth it.
  5. I usually go to him, but if it's convenient for him to drop it off (he lives ~5 minutes away) then he'll swing by and drop it. I live in MI for those who are testing the regional theory.
  6. my guy comes to me. and he is always there when he says he will be.
  7. Iv picked up and had it delivered, also had it left with a third party that I know and trust to( because they buying some too ). But I only buy ounces or up.
  8. [​IMG]
    pickup, my dealers on the left.
  9. he drops off every time i dont offer to come pick up, which is about 80%

  10. This. But I pay waaay too much for the convenience. I need better connects...:(
  11. both ways... but when he drops off he drags ass!! like wtf i dont like to wait to get high
  12. He texts me when and where to show up and I go there. He's a pretty cool guy, one of my friend's actually hahaha
  13. does he fuck
    he's a lazy cunt, but luckily he's in college with me so we just make our business deals between lectures hahaha
  14. depends on how much money Im spending
  15. My guy for headies does every time, in fact i should be seeing him in about an hour :D
  16. Depends when i'm wanting bud.
  17. $5.00 shiping fee.
    Lol gas prices are high nowa days
  18. Nope, I always go get it. My connects in the city. Sometimes my buddy who works in the city goes to get it and drops it off to me, just to save me a trip. I usually give him a nug out of the ounce:smoke:

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