Does Your Cat Love Catnip

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    I've got 2 Cats and both must have the gene that determines if they're into Catnip.  The stuff you get at the Pet Store is like schwag.  I found a brand called "Cronic" on the web.  The first time I opened the jar it was like opening my bud jar with dank buds.  It smelled really good, was mostly ground buds and it only took a few minutes before both cats were all over me trying to get at the jar.
    I let them smell the jar with the lid cracked, then my Bengal started acting like a wild cat, pawing and clawing the jar trying to get her mouth inside.  Both cats acted so funny just smelling the jar.  I dumped a little bit on the carpet and they started licking, rolling and drooling over it.  Eventually they ate every bit and started running around the house chasing each other.  It's pretty obvious they loved this stuff.
    I let them have it about 2X/week.  Now all they need to hear is me saying "CATNIP"...and wherever they happen to be in the house, they'll both come running to get some.
    It's like Kitty Buds.....they love it.  My friend has a Female DSH Cat, and she could care less.  I guess some cats just love it like mine, some don't.  
    Let's hear about your Catnip Stories, and what brand you use.  Cosmic is my favorite along with a bag of whole intact buds I got from Amazon.  That stuff was pricy but looked so cool I had to try it.  It's pretty good but Cosmic is cheaper.  I took the whole buds, then added them to the jar of Cosmic which is ground up buds.  It's funny how people see it sitting on my shelf, with the Stoned Cat logo from Cosmic Catnip Co....and think it's weed. is weed...for Cats.

  2. My cats do like catnip, but they don't go crazy over it. I'll pour a pile out for them and they will eat it all.
  3. You get more intense reactions with cats that haven't been spayed or neutered.
     This shit is like cat ecstasy, it makes them super-horny, super-happy, and everything becomes fun for them.
     Why not just grow your own catnip?  Fresh catnip works better, anyway.  
  4. yup, cant leave him unnattended with it or I'll be cleaning up a huge mess
  5. i dont have a cat but my buddy did and man it was awesome i would go over there just so i could give his cat some it was instant comedy
  6. Here's an interesting Video of Big Cats getting down on some Catnip:
  7. My husband doesn't like to give our cat catnip, he said she acted differently (like more lethargic or something) in the couple weeks after she had it once so he doesn't give it to her anymore.
    She LOVES anything minty smelling though. After I brush my teeth at night she'll come jump in the bed and I'll blow at her face and she just goes nuts for it. 
    Altoids are even better, she acts just like a cat-nipped kitty when she's got some Altoid breath being blown at her. Gotta be careful though, sometimes she goes a little too nuts and tries to eat my hand. 
  8. My cat too loves catnips maybe it's in their nature to attract on these things, anyway i didn't find this thing annoying, i have 2 cats here with me at aged home the community members allow to have your pets with you. I can't live without my pet. 
  9. We grew our own catnip, and occasionally we'll find the plant completely flattened down because one of the cats has rolled on it haha. Always seems to bounce back though.
    I like picking off a few leaves, scrunching them up a wee bit, and watching my cat rub it all over her glands, she goes pretty crazy. Then after a while she gets really sleepy and loving.
    We have two cats, one will be all over the catnip every time, the other one isn't too fussed. Different strokes for different folks.
  10. my cats looks just like the business cat minus the tie whenever he sees it

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